Okay, so I don’t know what has brought you to this page today. You may currently be going through your own personal, professional or business transition or you may be dreaming of doing [...]


For years I believed others when I consistently heard that “you’re always wanted more”, “you want too much”. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t others even saying [...]

Start Here

“I just don’t know where to start.”  It’s a comment I hear so often when I talk with people about what they want to achieve. They know what they want and yet they insist [...]


If there’s one thing I hate about putting it out there to people to live their dreams, it’s the idea that you can only live your dream if you jump out of airplanes, travel to exotic places [...]

20 Questions

Nothing has such power to cause a complete mental turnaround as that of a question. Coaching has taught me the power of questions to spark curiosity which in turn create new ideas, new [...]


So many ask what its like living in China, so today I make a bold statement, everyone should live in China just once.  If not live, at least visit it once! China?  Surrounded by 1.4 billion [...]


Authenticity and alignment – words that keep coming up for me. Authenticity, being real, being genuine, being you.  Authenticity is about being true to yourself, true to those you love, [...]

A Failure

When we talk about success and happiness, it is important that we also flip the coin and talk about failure. And yet many of us find failure much more difficult to talk about, and many simply [...]


Today, and on any given day, we all have only a finite amount of the following things: Time Energy Head space And, if you spend any of these excessively thinking, doing and reacting to things in [...]


If you are struggling to balance it all, then guess what – it’s time to stop. Stop trying to balance it all, because you can’t. Now, I’m expecting to hit resistance to me saying that [...]


Making the commitment to pursue major change in most cases, sends seismic waves through our lives. Immediately fears appear almost everywhere we look (inside and out), some real, some imaginary. [...]


My posts this week to my group Quantum Leap for Women have been focused on what we would do differently with greater self confidence. Now I never post what I don’t follow myself or ask of [...]


Lately this topic has been coming up in conversation.  In general people have been asking me how they can ‘change’ their partner, parents, children, friends, colleagues and many times how they [...]


All of us aspire to success, to provide for and create the best possible future for our families.  Yet sometimes our pursuit of these very things takes us further away from actually making them [...]

Creating Colour

So much about personal development and growth is based around our knowing ourselves, managing our thoughts, words and actions to create the life we desire. I am not disputing any of that.  And [...]

Fear Less Change

Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life?   Maybe in your health, your relationships or your career.  Maybe it’s taking that leap into business for yourself or creating a [...]

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