Are you ready to step up and reach your desired level of success and happiness faster – in business, in life, in yourself? Complete a FREE self checklist to see if you’re ready…

Business Health Checklist

Understand how well your business is performing against key areas, then prioritise sectors that need attention to create your next growth steps.

Life Score Assessment

Receive instant clarity on what areas of your life need improvement and set goals where you need them most to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Your Success Indicator

Assess how your behavioural and intelligence preferences define your personal drivers, the way you interact and how you succeed.


Kick Start Sessions

Kick Start Sessions

60 minutes
1:1 Online Session
Alignment + Clarity + Action = Results

Designed to give you confidence and clarity to move you through your limiting beliefs and challenges, to kick start your results.

Accelerator PODS

Accelerator PODS

Monthly PODS
Group Sessions
Support, Encouragement, Accountability

A monthly platform to bounce off others and their experience, to support you to achieve your goals and get to that next level of success, in life or business. Together we tackle the issues that hold you back the most.

Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching

1:1 Unlimited Coaching
3 | 6 | 12 Months
Laser Focused Sessions

Together, we work on any business or life goal you want to achieve. A focused coaching strategy that creates accountability for action takers, to achieve goals and accelerate results consistently and faster than ever before.

VIP Intensive

VIP Intensive

Exclusive Invitation
1:1 Inspirational Day
Fully Customised to You

Collapsing months of coaching into one single day, we work on key areas of your business/lifestyle side by side, carefully crafting a blueprint for your next 3-6 months.

Transition Retreat

Transition Retreat

4 Day Experience
Global Locations
Women Looking for More

Create your life change with a change of scenery. A chance for you to accelerate the biggest change in your life, through immersion and travel, with the intention of returning home, with clarity and confidence, changed forever.

Turn Your Age into Your Advantage

If you’re ready to challenge the status quo, ready to disrupt your self-limiting beliefs and ready to work through the chaos that life and business create, then I want to work with you.

Kia ora. I’m Anna. I’m a Transition Strategist and I specialise in working with high energy, high achieving global women who are ready to invest in themselves and rediscover their purpose with renewed passion and energy. I help encore entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches, become more focused and more profitable by using mindset techniques, messaging and social media.

As a Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder of two successful global businesses, I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs entering their encore years — just like you — create profitable businesses and fulfilling lifestyles using simple strategies rooted in real world business.

“We all need that sort of person, to help us grow and steer us in the right direction”

Podcasts to JUMP START Your Brain!

Podcasts to JUMP START Your Brain!

My Podcasts are now available on iTunes!
Two minute audio bites to jump start your brain and motivate you no matter where you are! Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud

“Anna is a sympathetic person with an underlining steel which makes her extremely good at what she does.”



If you have a passion to be an entrepreneur, odds are that one of your ambitions is to be your own boss. It’s an aspiration so many have. One of the biggest motivations to step into [...]

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  • "Anna is a rock-star! She is insightful, thoughtful, experienced and inspirational. Anna quickly highlighted some key areas which required focus so that my goals could be reached faster and she worked with me to adapt some of my expectations so that I could enjoy the journey! Anna is someone who I would highly recommend and I look forward to working further with her in the future."

    Kirsten Wellington, New Zealand
  • "I am honoured to have worked with Anna Anderson over the past few years. She has many qualities, but two that come to mind, that stand above the rest, would be her discretion and integrity. Her main focus at all times is to ensure that the decisions you are making are informed ones, ones that you have come to on your own. She always helps you formulate a plan of attack that is achievable and measurable. And she does this all through her strategic coaching techniques and purposeful questioning! She is a passionate individual, who cherishes those around her, whether in her business or personal life. She is genuine with all her actions and wants to help, where she can, allowing the individual to use her as a business or personal sounding board. We all need that sort of person, to help us grow and steer us in the right direction."

    Sally Wellington, New Zealand
  • "Do not talk to Anna unless you want to be challenged and held accountable. Anna will smile at you...... then ask a single question that cuts through all your excuses and hurdles, leaving you wondering why on earth you did not think of that. Anna is a wise and extremely experienced businesswoman who assists individuals, businesses and corporate clients achieve their ultimate objectives."

    Grant Wellington, New Zealand
  • "I started to coach with Anna because I was feeling unfulfilled in my career at that time. I was confused because although I loved the role I was in, I knew something was missing but I could not put my finger on what it was. Initially I thought the sessions would be about finding me a new career. Instead my sessions with Anna were dealing with all areas of my life, with a particular focus on the areas where I already felt fulfilled. The sessions were always thought provoking. One of the exercises Anna gave me was such an eye opener, I had a real ‘light bulb’ moment. As a result of Anna’s coaching, I have embarked on a totally new career as a speaker, trainer and coach myself. A new door of possibility has opened and it was one that I did not know was there, right in front of me, until I was shown what the door was made of. All thanks to Anna! Thank you Anna for starting the process of change. If you are looking for something, a change, a new way of being, a new career, a new world, then I would highly recommend coaching with Anna and having her on your team."

    Frances Canberra, Australia