How old are you? How old do you feel? Who cares! Age is nothing but a number.

I laugh at my daughter, as a child she was adamant that 30 was so old, right into her early 20’s. This year she turned thirty and has a completely different perspective.

For me age is multidimensional, less about your days on the earth and more about decisions, attitudes, moments and memories. Less about the number on a calendar and about all that I have done in my past, everything I am in the moment and all the wonderful things my future holds for me.

I believe, for the most part, age means whatever we decide it to mean. And yet, growing up, many of us were taught that age should dictate certain choices and behaviours – so true for me, there was a path you followed as you “matured”.

– Old people bowl. Young people roller blade. 
– Old people stay at home. Young people party. 
– Old people wait. Young people make it happen.
– Old people get comfortable. Young people take risks.

And yes, I know we all age physically, something I’m reminded of daily. And yes, with that comes challenges and big wake up calls as reality hits. Yet, I look around (especially here in China) and many seem to arrive at a certain figure and overnight they become old. They somehow just step into old-age. It’s kind of expected! They get old because that’s the rule, the belief or the expectation and, then guess what, they’re old. What a waste. Age-appropriateness, in my mind, the pathway to boredom, mindlessness and under-achievement.

For me, over here, I tell everyone I’m still 17 (of course the reality says I’m not! And I love the fact that I AM still 17, because as I read somewhere, “my spirit never ages” – it remains 17 because I choose to! If anything my spirit is renewed with every passing year. For me moving to China, a new country, a new career, a new path in business and in life after 50 has created totally new perspectives, new adventures and a whole new lifestyle, way of being, way of thinking. It has totally enhanced everything I do and developed me as a person, coach, mentor, mum, wife in a way I would have never believed possible if I had done what was expected of me in good old NZ.

So today contemplating where to from here …

(1) Check in with yourself. Is it time to redefine your thinking around the years ahead and what you want to achieve.

(2) Leave the past behind you. Take with you everything you value and create your purpose for moving forward.

(3) Get out and get active, both physically and mentally. There’s a big wide world out there yet to discover with all it’s diversity and challenges.

And while you’re at it, remember this:

– It’s never too late to do something amazing AND it’s never too early to start.

– People are doing extraordinary things at all different stages of life.

– There’s no reason you can’t be one of them, not matter what your age!

So, let me ask you again. How old are you? How old do you feel? Who cares! Age is nothing but a number.


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