If you have a passion to be an entrepreneur, odds are that one of your ambitions is to be your own boss. It’s an aspiration so many have. One of the biggest motivations to step into business is to get rid of that “boss”, to be their own “boss”.

While this was never my experience, I was blessed with a couple of awesome bosses along the way, and a couple of not so awesome. From all of them I learnt so much, and my message today comes from being my own boss for over 20 years.

Discover You

For all those wanting to take that next step, to be your own boss, first, take time to discover who you are as a boss. Validate your strengths and identify areas for development and learning.

I was very young when I first became a “boss” and never really did this. I was just thrown in the deep end and learnt to sink or swim. Thank goodness I learned to swim. Because of my experience, I tell anyone who talks to me about business to make the time to put this learning, on the top of your list.

Ask Yourself

Really take the time to learn more about how you connect or not connect with others, learn more about your own style to appreciate the styles of others, learn how your greatest strength may be your Achilles heel, learn how you deal with stress, how you treat others when you’re under pressure. Don’t know where to start, ask yourself the following:

  • How well, do I organise and plan?
  • Do I like a challenge or do I need continual motivation?
  • Do I have the stamina and energy to run a business long term?
  • Am I risk averse?
  • How well do I handle criticism?
  • Do I have what it takes to be a leader?

If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur then you will need to consider the questions above to examine whether entrepreneurship is really for you.

Anyone Can Be A Boss

Anyone can boss other people around. It takes true skill to lead, to inspire. The best way to be an inspirational leader at work is to feel inspired yourself. Love your work. Look for ways to make it better and then look for ways to make it amazing. Because, for me, one of the best parts of being your boss is that the more you put in, the more you get out. It may not always to be easy, and your success is solely in your own hands. There’s no other feeling like it.  People want to work for a leader, not a boss! 

So if your ambition is to be your own boss, take some time to expand your perspective around who you are how you act & what you do, to create insights, build trust, and even lead to new actions. Only then can you begin to create the business you truly deserve & be that boss of bosses!


Where to start? Check out my free “Personal Success Indicator”! This handy tool will help you to work out your behaviour profile, intelligence preferences and personal motivators. This, in turn, will unlock how you can use your strengths AND your weaknesses to your advantage as a leader, as a boss.  Download your own “Personal Success Indicator” today!

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