Have you ever made an assumption about someone, or something? I think it would be pretty accurate to say that most of us will make assumptions at one time or another. And try as we might, once a preconceived impression gets into our minds, it becomes difficult to change.

Working with different business owners in a range of different industries, something that often comes up is negative self-talk and making assumptions about what people do or what they will or will not buy, or even how to market to them. This is one thing, that from experience, I know can be the downfall of a business. If not the downfall of business it can definitely hurt sales, as assumptions will more than often have us give up than move forward to our goals.

  • How many times have you had an idea for a product and never followed through with it. Only to see a similar product launched later? 
  • How many times have you talked yourself out of creating a product or class, simply because you think everybody already knows this information?
  • Come down a level, how many webinars or videos have you cancelled or not completed, because you couldn’t think of how to put an original spin on your chosen topic?
  • Or you have had a great idea for marketing only to start seeing all that information out there that FB ads don’t work, LinkedIn isn’t your market, Instagram is only for the younger market, Pinterest isn’t for business etc.

Could it be that you’re over-thinking these things? Or looking for an excuse, maybe even secretly sabotaging you to have you not take that next step.

Our assumption is that competition out there shows the market is flooded. Nobody needs our product. Instead challenge your assumption. Competition is healthy. It means there’s a need for your service or product. It means there’s an audience who is willing to pay for that service or product.

Walking into some of the huge malls here in Nanjing, China. The number of cosmetic stores on the first floor are amazing? There are hundreds if not thousands of products from multiple manufacturers, all promising to do the same thing. Yes, there are differences between brands, the ingredients, the durability, the company’s image, or the way they advertise to their market, and yet they all basically the same. They all sell the same type of products. 

Now, think of your niche, your product, your target market and remember, competition is a great way to get to the facts instead of making assumptions! Answer the following questions from your point of view and theirs.

  • Who is your|their market?
  • What is your|their product?
  • How does your experience differ from theirs?
  • What problems does your|their market have?
  • How do you|they connect with your|their target market?
  • Where are you|they promoting yourself|themselves in the market?

Ultimately, clients will seek YOU out for your personality, for who you are, for what you have to offer. They will learn to know, like, and trust you, and first it’s up to you. You need to stop making assumptions, give up preconceived ideas and

  • get aligned and clear on who you are and what you want to achieve
  • understand how you can help and what you have to offer
  • get crystal clear on your authentic message
  • learn how to speak out loud through all mediums

Through all the competition, you will then stand out to those you are in tune with. They will see you, hear you and turn to you instead of your competitors. Be brave. Stop overthinking. Stop questioning and take action.Test what works and what doesn’t. Create that new product. Put that video out there. Change your assumptions, and instead, create your reality.


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