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Not everyone has the same priorities, cares about the same things, or thinks the same way as you do. Some people talk fast, others talk slow. Some look you right in the eye, while some look away while they’re thinking. Some like to be the life of the party, and some like to observe from a distance.

For so many years I naturally assumed that everyone wanted me to get right to the point and get down to business, simply because that is how I like others to be around me. What I didn’t realise it at the time, was that my style of communicating was turning certain people off from even hearing my message. And after learning what is called the Platinum Rule this all changed for me.

  • People became more open to my ideas.
  • I began appreciating the differences in people more.
  • Colleagues, family, friends & my children began to respond differently
  • I learnt the strength and weaknesses of my style
  • My sales took on a whole new meaning and results skyrocketed
  • My productivity and profitability grew as my stress levels lessened.
  • AND I started to have a whole lot more fun in my business

As the years progressed, I adapted all my training and coaching around what I had learned around Communication Excellence, The Platinum Rule and DOPE. Tailoring my information and delivery to fit all different behavioural/communication styles of my audience had me grow personally and my training/coaching business flourish.

This book may just hold the key to your business success. Because the world incorporates all different types of people and the more you understand, appreciate, and communicate effectively with all types of people, the more happy, effective, and successful you’ll be… not just in your business, in every other aspect of your life.



So here’s how to get the most out of this resource.

Follow the instructions and complete the quiz in the introduction of the book and identify for yourself, your primary and secondary styles.

Use your Communication Excellence resources to learn more about the different combinations of your primary and secondary styles along with how to get along with other styles.

Access Bonus #1
4 Unique Style Cards as great reminders you can carry around in your wallet or purse for instance reference in any sticky communication situation.
Access Bonus #2
A Personal Success Indicator Assessment to identify your personal aptitudes and how to use them to your advantage, when setting your goals, achieving your goals and creating success both in your life and business.
Access Bonus #3
If you’d like a deeper discussion around your unique Communication Style and want to learn more about your personal success indicators. Click the link below to book a 60min kickstart session at an introductory price of $57USD (normally $197USD) to learn how to use this information to totally revolutionise your lifestyle (and business success).

Complete the Assessment, Guide Yourself, Unleash Your Strengths

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