Conformity Is A Choice

As much as we like to be our own individual self, the fact is that we all conform to society in ways we probably don’t even realise.

As human beings, we are tribal creatures who ultimately have an inner drive to fit in. Usually it means simply going with the flow, keeping the peace and just doing what everyone else around us is doing. Of course conforming can also be set up for our safety, such as in following the law or keeping our promises.

But what about when it means we fail to listen to that little voice in our heads? When we become mindless followers and maybe find ourselves in situations when we hesitate or just don’t speak up in the face of a wrong? When giving up our real selves we find we are becoming bitter and twisted?

All of us want to be ourselves, make our own decisions and choices, and maintain a sense of who we are. And the fact is that we all have the choice to conform or not. Some of the most amazing people throughout history did not conform to the norm. Nelson Mandela always springs to mind on this subject and of course so many others (especially in business – too many to name).

For me, being here in China definitely provides a different perspective on the topic. Conformity here is more the norm, than not. Luckily being a foreigner in this country actually means you don’t necessarily have to conform on a daily personal basis, you’re accepted for who you are, here in the now. Yet strict conformity to the higher powers that be is always there, what you can access on the internet, what you can talk about and what you never share an opinion on in public.

So today I wanted to ask, what does conforming mean to you? When do you conform, and in what ways? When are you proud to conform, and when do you regret it?

How does conforming affect your confidence, your ability to create the change you desire in your life?

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