If you’re anything like me when you began your journey into this new online world, you were forever making content. The message everywhere you turn is that “content is king”. I thought this meant that you needed new insights it seems, each and every day. Every week I was looking to create new content.


Yes, when I had times of inspiration, fresh ideas, fresh perspectives flowed out and yet more and more as time passed, it became a “chore”, a “job”and had me pulling my hair out trying to continually think of new ideas. Then there’s all the time needed once you have the ideas, to pull it all together find images and write up a coherent piece, to post it once!


Then, when you do post it. It has it’s 15 minutes of fame, placed in a queue, if ever read, and most probably archived. In the meantime, you’re off looking for more inspiration, more time, more words of wisdom to create more content. For me at least, it became an exhausting cycle.


So about six months ago, looking to extend my social media reach, I found myself becoming totally overwhelmed. I couldn’t even keep up with blogs and simple facebook posting, how on earth was I expected to extend my social media reach having to find more content, more time to write, more inspiration – it was not a happening thing.

Get Lazy

And me being me I began to research how others did it. Looking for new ideas I came across an article, I don’t even know who it was and yet their message totally hit me. It basically said to me, if creating content was taking the joy out of your message “STOP AND BE LAZY”!

Yep, you read that right.”STOP AND BE LAZY”!
OMG it was like a penny dropped, even though, totally against the grain!

Create Once

I have been creating training content for donkey’s years, and one of the greatest insights I have ever had around training content was from Matt Church, to create once, sell many. Yet until it hit me in the face I had not put two and two together to relate the same concept to on-line content. Yes, I know, sometimes I’m not the brightest crayon in the box! And any how …. 
It totally got me seeing the value in being lazy, creating once, learning how to reuse and repurpose the content I already had. 
I’ve been coaching, training and speaking for donkeys years now, so I have content for Africa. Taking this advice onboard for me, has been godsend, for the following reasons (I started with three and it kept going):
  1. Helps me focus
    It has helped me to really focus on being consistent in amplifying my core message to deliver across all platforms. Instead of going wider with my message. I have been able to go deeper with my message and wider with my reach.
  2. Helps me see things differently
    Creating different forms of the same content, helps me to see things from different perspectives, allowing me to reinforce and reshape my message consistently, for different audiences. 
  3. Saves me time
    This has to be the winning reason. Time! Who has spare time? Not me! I’m all into working smarter, not harder and definitely not longer!
  4. Saves me brain cells
    This for me is a no-brainer and creating content has actually become more fun. I have created a strategy and process around what I’m doing. Outsourcing what I don’t need to do! One inspiration, one good piece of content I enjoy creating into bite size posts and focused articles, quotes and tweets, podcasts and videos, even infographics and 7 day challenges. Now instead of draining me, in a funny way, it’s more inspiring.
  5. Helps me connect with more people
    Everyone responds differently to how they assimilate information and content. Repurposing content is allowing me to connect with different people on different platforms with the same message, in different ways. Something I am loving.
  6. Greater results, faster
    There are definitely more eyes on my content, with more shares, traffic, and engagement. There more people commenting and connecting both privately and publicly. And with a wider reach I am reconnecting with many of those who I have lost contact with over the years, leading to new and repeat business out of the woodwork.


So for any of you out there overwhelmed with content, seriously look at being lazy and learn how to reuse and repurpose your content.  It’s by far one of the best things I’ve done to free my mind, grow my reach and create new business in the past six months. Watch this space, as I look to getting even more lazier into 2019!


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