Core Strategy To Blitz Social Media | Content Boost Video #1

How often should you be posting on social media?

It’s a question I often get asked. It’s also a mistake I see often with entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants taking their business on line. They lack consistency, they lack focus and they don’t have a plan!

So, if you want to create consistency and grow your online audience through one super simple strategy, then you’ll want to watch this first Content Boost Video #1 until the end! It’s only 2 minutes long and totally worth the watch!

So Much Noise

Because, in today’s on line world, your audience needs to hear and see your marketing message so many times before they buy either your product or service. There is so much noise out there in the on line world, you have to be seen to be heard. And, with so much advice and information out there around on line content marketing, no wonder so many people are pulling their hair out trying to figure it all out. I know this was me just over 12 months ago, when I registered all the mistakes I was making, stopped and created a whole new social media plan based on this core strategy.

Keeping It Simple

It’s a concept I learnt years ago when I was in real estate. A concept that I didn’t even register would help me online and yet it has. Sometimes we make things so complicated, when we knew the answer all along and it is so simple.

So, to help you today, I’m going to introduce you to this strategy, I want to show you how it applies it to your content marketing and how it can work for you. My focus in this short video is on:

  • Why this concept is a key strategy to grow your audience!
  • What your audience needs from you to buy from you!
  • Why you need to implement this strategy straight away!

If you’ve been unsure of how often to share your content on line…. You’re going to love this strategy! It will give you either confirmation or clarity around what you are doing right now today!

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