Today’s Choice

In today’s face paced world, health and fitness is not a luxury; it’s a total necessity. Especially if we want to be in this game called life for the long run. Take a moment to think about it. Everything we do depends on our body. It’s what hugs and loves the kids and our other half. It’s what types away at the keyboard every day, holding our position day in day out. Your body is what has you run your business, maintain your relationships and take you through life, day after day. Every thing you do in life, everything you have achieved in life, your body has played a significant role!

Today’s Challenge

So today, let’s play it forward. Let’s pay it back. It doesn’t matter if you go to the local park and do a circuit on the playground or jump on a bike, hit the gym or get out and do some cross training or bootcamp. A great challenge for us all …. a short, sharp shot in the arm!

And, yes I know, I can’t say this is my favourite challenge! Anyone who knows me, this area in my life is one big challenge and I love what I am doing at the moment, through an awesome online program called Body Groove. Movement that is fun, enjoyable and relaxing, done to music at any time of the day in the privacy of my home.

So, how about it? Are you up to a challenge that can only bring you benefits? A challenge to ensure that every single day this week, you have a plan and purpose to sweat – even if only for 10-15 minutes. No exceptions. Not just when you feel like it. Not just when the weather is nice. Not just when it’s simple and easy. Every day!

Every day this week commit to working out in whatever shape or form that means for you. Every day make a conscious choice to build a body that will be there for you, rocking it into the future. What ever you do, every single day of the week, choose to invest in your body by strengthening it, building it and keeping it in tip top condition.

Today’s Coaching Question

Ask yourself: What will you do this week to keep your body in shape? Imagine the difference two weeks, a whole month, a year would make, maintaining this simple routine would do for your body?


Look out every week for our short sharp comfort zone challenges. Use them to challenge yourself and take that step into the unknown, strengthen your ability to step up and stand out. Need more? There are three ways I can help you when you’re ready:

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