Okay, so I don’t know what has brought you to this page today. You may currently be going through your own personal, professional or business transition or you may be dreaming of doing something significantly different with your life, make a change from what you’re doing now. Wherever you’re at, you need to ensure that you fuel your passion and your desire to achieve the transition and change you are looking for and not let the external world close in on you and have you squash your dreams and passions and have you settle, think that this is all there is to life. And often it’s that simple act of trust, trusting in yourself, trusting in your abilities and knowing that you’ve got this, even if it doesn’t feel like it – that lays a great foundation for your success.

So many of us don’t trust ourselves, we look far and wide for clarification, confirmation and confidence when all of these come from within us and are the foundation steps required to make certain that you are ready to create change and to ensure your transition, will be one of the lasting kind, one that creates the legacy that you desire to fulfil and leave behind for others to aspire to.

Today, three shifts to have you tap into what you truly want and dare to take that step to live the life, build the business, create the connection you desire. To help you gain the courage, confidence and clarity in yourself and your purpose to step up and take your life, your career, your relationships, your business to that next level that you are looking for. Simple shifts to have you kick your excuses, harness your fears and feel clearer, more confident and more focused on your future than ever before. 

Ensuring these steps are laid out and worked through as foundation shifts, I know that you will totally then Dare to Thrive, hell you will begin to thrive simple from following the process.  

(1) Face Your Fears First – Yep that’s right, that major first step is to face your fears first.  Don’t hide from them.  Don’t squash them into a box and ignore them. Make some time to face them head on.  Fear has us play safe.  Fear has us file our dreams away. Fear holds us back. Fear cripples us from taking action.  And yet we were only born with two fears to keep us safe, fear of falling and fear of loud noises.  All other fears we have created within ourselves, and this is great news.  If we have created these fears we have, we can face them, we can look them squarely in the eye and best of all we can defeat them.  And be clear, we will never be completely free from fear, what we can do is learn to face them, learn to recognise and manage them and use the energy they generate to move us forward instead of holding us back.  The simple act of facing your fears and moving through one of them with a small action, creating a small ripple effect will have you extend your comfort zone just a little each time and with each small conquest comes a new level of satisfaction, pride, joy, excitement and ultimately confidence to take that next step, and then another, and another …. creating a powerful chain reaction.

ACTION: Fear is normal.  All of us have it. We will never get rid of it completely.  The choice we have is to stop using it as an excuse, get brutally honest with yourself, flip your focus, create new skills and habits and face fear head on. ID your deepest, darkest fears, accept they are there and come up with a plan to move through them or around them. Once you face your fears and understand why they happen, how you react to them, the more confident you will become to deal with them, no matter what the situation.  Ask yourself – What do I fear most? How is it affecting me?

(2) Face Your Reality – Any transition, change or growth in life begins with awareness. When you can see things more clearly you are more able to evaluate what’s important to you. Stepping back and taking a look at yourself can be daunting and may be best done with a mentor to guide you through and the benefits are significant to creating your future moving forward. This step has three key areas for you to dive into, with three distinct outcomes. 


Evaluate: your life, your habits, your thoughts

Accept: yourself, your past, what you cannot change

Own: your responses, your reality, your mastery


When you evaluate your life, habits and thoughts, you will grow in your own awareness.

When you accept yourself, your past and what you cannot change, you ensure that you have alignment to move forward

When you own your responses, your reality, your true genius, you no longer hide, you take action, accelerating your results through accelerated accountability, to yourself!

The first variable that requires shifting when you dare to create change, is your mind.  Everything starts from our belief systems, the way we have been programmed from birth and before. A shift is essential to create the groundwork for change. To achieve something different, you need to start creating new patterns of thinking and action. A note: The opposite of awareness is avoidance. Ask yourself: How aware are you? What are you avoiding?

(3)  Give Yourself Permission – It seems we are programmed to ask for permission, to seek approval. For many of us, for so long, we have taken control of everything for everyone, our kids, family, partners, we work, we run the home, we take care of the finances, we maybe run the business, we organise the fun and deal with everything life throws at us.  We are the permission givers. Yet, when it comes to YOU, creating a new direction for yourself what do you find yourself doing?  Let me take a guess, you hold back! You hold back from giving yourself permission to live your own life. You hold back from giving yourself permission to think about you and only you. You hold back from giving yourself permission to do what’s best for you, first and foremost.

ACTION:  Give yourself permission!

Permission to Dream – you are never going to dare to live the life you truly desire if you don’t give yourself permission to dream, allow yourself to dream big and connect with what make you feel more alive, happy and free.

Permission to Choose – your future happiness is a conscious choice, not a response, not something you get given by others. There is a saying that “happiness comes to those who choose to be happy”. Stop waiting for permission from others. Stop waiting for approval. Permission starts with you. Give yourself permission to choose and so many new choices will appear.  Give yourself permission to really think about what you want, who you want to be and who you want to be with, the choice is yours!

Permission to Create – you only have one life to live, don’t just limit yourself to dreaming, make a choice and then start along the pathway to creating the change you desire, the future you deserve.  Don’t just go through the motions, make it happen.

Yes, I know this is longer than most of my blogs and that I believe is because these three shifts propel us forward to what I am most passionate about – creating awareness, expanding choices, ensuring alignment and creating amazing futures together.  Put those together and watch your confidence soar, your courage grow and your core being blossom.


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