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Big changes this week. It has totally hit home to me how a small change in thinking, a different conversation, a new environment can take you to a completely different level and open doors both in your mind and in your life. Having made the commitment to go big and join a mastermind program for the next 90 days has made a massive difference to my perspective, my mindset, my thinking on ensuring my message, my business, my life remains true to who I am and what I want to be.

One word this week has truly made a difference to me. That word DISRUPTION you will have heard me talk about in my videos, blogs and podcast. It’s not a word that has had much meaning for me previously, yet it has come out this week in spades how it truly is connected to me and my message. It is part of my genius. It is something I thrive through. It is something that in many different ways, shapes, and forms energises me and contributes to the difference I bring to my clients, my family and ultimately my life.

Even here today as I catch up on my writing my thinking around disruption and it’s benefits is expanding. Disruption many people feel is a negative and yet you know what, for me I am realising it has so many positives associated with it. Here I am sitting in the hairdressers, music is pumping (not my usual hairdresser where I am surrounded by peace and serenity) and I am seeing what I am doing today taking time out as disruption. How so?

For me it has taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that yes I am a workaholic. I love work. Always have. It inspires me. Keeps me moving forward. For a long time taking “time out” for me or even for the family, had me feeling lazy, “wasting” time, feeling guilty at the time spent away from work.  And over time I have come to value my freedom to choose how I spend my time and while yes I still spend most of a god given day working in some way shape or form I no longer feel the guilt I used to making time for myself, now understanding the value it brings.

And that had me think that for many of us busy-ness is a dangerous trap that we can get stuck in, like quicksand. Today adding a whole new dimension to disruption!

~ I am on a mission to disrupt the busy-ness culture that is so prevalent in the world today, leading to so many stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed people in their self-acknowledged states of busy.

~ I am on a mission to disrupt the thinking that being busy is a badge of honour in business today, it is not a badge of honour and we must reverse this phenomenon by resisting the urge to brag about how busy we are. Our bragging must be around creating role models for others and sharing what gives you meaning and fulfilment.

~ I am on a mission to disrupt days, weeks and months of hustle to have you identify your unique sweet spot time of day where you work at your best. Then use other time to get out of that space and recharge, tackle less intense tasks and give your brain a chance to reboot. Watch your creativity, attention span and productivity soar. 

~ I am on a mission to disrupt “grown up” thinking out there and re-introduce play into your day, both business and life. Noooo not exercise or organised sport type play. I mean play with no real agenda, rolling on the floor with your fur baby, revelling in what might be silly, effortless and fun! We have to laugh more!

What do you think? Are you ready to disrupt the busy-ness in your life? Suffering is optional and we all have a choice in this!

A significant life is not one to fritter away on meaningless tasks that bring stress, monotony and drudgery. Come with me on a journey of disruption, one of alignment, energy and connection.


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