Disrupting Failure – Part Three

So many today are looking for overnight success and yes some actually achieve it, and for most the process of success just doesn’t work like that. Anything of importance in life needs to be practiced on a regular basis, whether it’s studying, writing, researching new markets or networking with other entrepreneurs. So what makes the difference? Consistency and persistency! Success is more of a marathon than a sprint.

The thing is that success is both easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy because we all know what it takes to get us to that next level. It’s hard because getting there takes 100% focus, commitment and true determination.  Look at all the stories of success, they all have one thing in common, consistency and persistency. On the other side of the coin, one of the biggest reasons people ultimately fail, they don’t pace themselves, they burn out or they give up too soon.

Think about it, how many times have you started something and not finished? How many times have you committed to a project, a  promise, or a task and for whatever reason can’t finish, fulfil or follow through? Then if that wasn’t enough, how many can then relate to then having to deal with the burden, guilt and shame of letting others down.

I recall like it was yesterday, to doing my first women’s triathlon. I really, really didn’t want to and our team were committed to training and completing it together, so I got roped into it. For over three months we trained, which I totally needed not being the most athletic of people. And what kept me going was the consistency and persistency of two great team members and of course my other half who worked by my side every day of the week to help prepare me for the big day. Training was serious. Every day a routine of swimming, running, walking or biking. Even when I had an accident the day before the event while training, when I so wanted to give up, I kept going with my training and on the day was elated to feel the thrill of making it over that finish line (even if close to last – I was a winner)!

Often deep down we don’t truly feel like we’re capable of achieving our goals, whatever they may be, so that when we try we don’t actually give it 100%+ giving up the first sign of difficulty. As far as consistency goes, doing one thing daily that will lead you closer to your goals, you will reap the rewards. For me consistency helped to build discipline and it was my persistence, taking action daily, never giving up, that had me cross that finish line.

What I know for sure is that being consistent, being persistent, you’ll enjoy more success, earn more, achieve more and have a whole lot more fun in your journey.

So my top tips today around being consistent, being persistent – love how they turned into A-F …

  • Action is required independent of your mood. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on top of the world or totally down and feeling flat, whether it’s raining or beautiful sunshine, you need to get up and take action every single day. Don’t give in to the many emotions that can swing you during a day, nothing will derail you faster.
  • Be someone who never gives up. That was me. Once I committed I was not going to give up, I now apply it to so many different areas of life here in China. I refuse to give up when the going gets tough.
  • Create your own positive self talk. I would tell myself over and over every minute of training “do not give up – you can do this”, training became a habit, no questions, no excuses (still can’t say I loved it though)!
  • Don’t do it on your own. Ask for help, get support. Never be too proud to ask. I couldn’t have achieved my goal without the support given.
  • Everyone needs a break. In amongst the training there was break time, something I didn’t truly see the value of at the time. And this one has became key for me. I still find it hard to ease up on myself when I am so focused on something and it’s a work in progress. While it sounds totally contrary, resting is crucial to ongoing persistence.
  • Focus on what matters to you to stay on track, don’t allow yourself to be distracted, do what needs to be done in that moment to take you closer to your goals. Starting small each day I built up my routine and with every day got a little stronger.

Like the boxing great Muhammad Ali used to say,” I hated every minute of training but I said don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” 

So, today, dream those dreams, set those goals, take action, follow A-F above, be consistent and persistent, because whether business or life success both are marathons, not sprints! You’ve got this!


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