Facing Fear Head On

This week the subject of discussion seems to be focused on that one big thing we all face, FEAR.

The key for me facing fear is facing it head on.  To really face fear and create a wonderful new chapter in your life, you have to prepare for battle, get your game plan on, get your strategy together. It starts with choosing to face fear and learning to talk back — loudly — to that voice or multiple voices in your head and take action despite of how you’re feeling.

So today, four simple steps to help you face your fear and make change happen.  Are you ready?

(1) Get Prepared

Know your enemy – To face your fears, you need to understand your fears. Here I am talk about fear, natural normal fear we all have, the response our body has to risk, change, or anything new. It’s the fear that says:

  • What if I fail?
  • Why me?
  • I’m too old, too young, or too [fill in the blank] for this or that …

We instinctively want to flee when danger, risk, or the unknown approaches us. Understand that fear, those little voices in your head are partly there simply because we’re human and that’s they way we’re made. Fear is our natural instinct to protect us from change or harm.

(2) Take Responsibility

Recognise once you understand your fears, then what happens next is totally up to you. Take responsibility. Sure, fear is natural, and you can’t just sit back and blame biology for why nothing changes in your life. Now that you know it’s there, you know what to expect, you know what it means, you know you can fight it – you are in the pilot seat, you now need to stand up, make a choice and take responsibility.

Realise fear is part of life just as making mistakes is part of life. So go out there fear an all and make mistakes. Don’t fight fear, don’t fight failure and see what you learn. Every single time I stand up to my fears, take responsibility for my actions, take a risk and step into the unknown, I know I will either succeed or I will survive. Either way I know I will definitely learn something. I will grow. I will learn. I will succeed.

(3) Talk Back

Yep, talk back to it!  I love this one. I spend alot of time doing this! Start collecting evidence of what you are truly capable of. Think about times where you’ve shone, you’ve won, you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve. Take stock of what you know and what you are capable of accomplishing. Get clear on your abilities! See the fear, acknowledge it, and argue with it using what you know to be true about what you are capable of. Argue loudly! Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time – make it a positive thought.

(4) Move It

Make the move! You can’t just sit there and think or talk your way out of fear, you need to make a move. And you can determine your next move by answering this one question

  • Am I willing to stay where I am and keep feeling the way I do in order to avoid the fear that comes with taking the next step?

If the answer is yes.  Wahoo.  Totally own it.  You are in control.

If the answer is no, get help.  Start, step up and get moving! 

Today, face you fears, argue with those little voices – LOUDLY!


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Are you ready to turn your fear into fuel and don’t quite know what to do?  Book a 20-minute discovery session with me to see how I can help you face your fears, build your confidence, create change and begin living your dream. Feel free to check out Quantum Leap for Women for resources, support and motivation to help you take that next step.


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