Rich or famous. A topic that has popped up a number of times this week.

Here in China there is a fascination with the famous. Talk to anyone here about building business and most will say – get famous and business will follow. Many new businesses pay influencers to get their products out to the market as fame attracts. An example of this over the past five years, look at the value of China’s internet celebrity market – it’s tipped to surpass 100 billion yuan this year!
And, we were reminded of this concept last week when my daughter and son-in-law were accosted in their local cafe in Croatia by someone who had been following their vlogs on youtube over the year. They had never met and after a conversation and a coffee, they booked a sailing trip – fame opened doors! Then a post by one of my coaches Taki Moore asked this same question rich or famous – which?
So putting it out there today, what would you choose? Which is the better motivation to grow your business?

Today, due to the internet and social media, anyone can have their 15 minutes in the spotlight. Fame feels more achievable than ever. Yet we tend to regard people who openly chase fame or notoriety with extreme suspicion. There’s something unbearably “not cool” about admitting to wanting to be seen, and craving fame for fame’s sake. It’s a desire we inherently think of as kind of shameful. 

While I don’t believe most of us would choose fame over wealth. I do think that most of us would happily admit to wanting to win the awards and gain the recognition in our field. And it’s not a stretch to suggest that to fully enjoy the type of lifestyle that wealth brings with it, many of us would need it to be based on a sense of fame, on a sense of “being known”. For most, when we picture wealth and its associated perks, the house, the holidays, the designer products, that picture often involves other people knowing we have those things, a fame of sorts. Isn’t that part of the reason people wear luxury brands’ logos on display?

For me, my goal is definitely more focused on being rich while remaining as anonymous as I can. Rich to me can include so many things over and above money (and thats for another blog). Fame alone, doesn’t pay the bills. I definitely do not want to be famous without wealth benefits, it would suck and yet who of us does not want to fully enjoy the type of lifestyle (and fame per se) that having lots of money might bring.

In this internet age I have seen more and more focus being put on attracting customers and connecting customers more through our reputation, our online prominence for want of a better word. I love the expression “micro celebrity”, a famous person (in their field) yet most probably a person who the general public have never heard of. Famous enough to be known for what I do, obscure enough to be able to walk down the street without being followed by paparazzi lol.

So my focus in this area of business includes three key steps:

1. Get clear on your motive – fame or fortune, create your own unique mix that feels right for you.

2. Stand firm in your convictions, then focus on creating awesome content, to connect with your market and fill your funnel

3. Generate opportunities, fulfil your clients needs 150% and you will build your authority and get famous as a bi product

So, what do you think? Fame or Fortune? Are you looking to be rich or famous?

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