Fear is an emotion that overrides our intelligence. When we feel fear, our brain shuts down. Fear stops us from moving toward our goals. Fear causes havoc with our quality of life.  And we all know the only way to diminish fear is to conquer it – it sounds so easy doesn’t it!

In reality for most of us, moving beyond fear isn’t an overnight shift. It’s not a pill we can just pop and voila! It’s a practice. It’s a step in the right direction every day. It’s a commitment to fill our minds with new conditioning and perspectives. Today a simple practice that can prompt us to the reality of fear when it hits. Simple acronyms we can use as reminders. No doubt all of us have heard acronyms around fear, three I learnt along time ago are:

False Evidence Appearing Real 
Face Everything And Rise
Face Everything And Run

All have been helpful to me at different times and in different situations. Just small sayings that have reminded me to get real with my fears and take action or sometimes remind me to check in with myself to see if I was running away from something, that I needed to turn around and face head on.

Recently I learnt an acronym expanded into a simple process that prompts action and busts fears directly, because it’s amazing how much we can hide from ourselves. Often in our fast paced lives, we fail to simply recognise the impact of fear in our day. Sometimes it’s simply because we don’t even use the word. Instead we talk about things like worry, nervousness, stress, shyness, or anxiety. This acronym can in an instant not only help us recognise what is happening when it hits, it gives us a short sharp strategy to move through the fear, an essential habit to learn and practice. Four steps you can use to move through your next fearful moment 

  • F = Focus (not Freakout)
  • E = Expose (not Escape)
  • A = Approach (not Avoid)
  • R = Release (not Run)

All of these create action – fear’s ultimate enemy!

  • Rather than freakout, breathe and focus on the moment, on what you can do.
  • Exposure, honesty creates clarity to move forward despite the challenge, escape provides only temporary relief.
  • Avoiding fear and anxiety maintains and magnifies it. Approaching it head on, weakens it’s grip. The only way out, is through!
  • Don’t run from fear, learn instead to acknowledge it and release what isn’t real, what isn’t true.
Fear will never completely disappear from our lives. Nobody is immune to it. And once you accept that it’s going to be there, create strategies to help you through it (yep even short simple acronyms), you can begin to see it as an indication that you are expanding your comfort zone and that you are growing. It tells you when you’re pushing the boundaries of possibility and oh what wonderful possibilities there are out there!
Always remember, fear hates action – take action and follow these steps, they really can make a difference.
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