Fear Less Change

Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life?   Maybe in your health, your relationships or your career.  Maybe it’s taking that leap into business for yourself or creating a complete lifestyle change.   Maybe the kids have flown the nest and it’s now time to create a new chapter in your life.

Have you ever wanted to make a change and yet, when it came to the crunch you didn’t go for it because you were afraid?  Afraid you’d fail? Afraid you’d look stupid? Afraid you’re too old or too young to go for your dreams?  Afraid everyone will laugh at you?  Afraid you’re not good enough?  Afraid you’re not educated enough? Afraid you’ll give up? Afraid it’s too hard?  The list of fears goes on.

You are not alone!  Fear, worry and doubt are the biggest dream killers of all time!

How do I know?   Because for years I let them hold me back from even thinking about the potential I had or what I truly wanted to achieve in life.  I would say from my perspective now I didn’t even know it was fear holding me back.  I was lucky.  I had a reasonably normal upbringing, I had a wonderful husband, two beautiful daughters and a financially rewarding business that both my husband and I could work in.

For years I believed this was my “role” in life and I threw myself into it 150% doing everything my role required, wife, lover, mother, daughter, business woman, accountant, project manager, HR specialist, computer tech, community leader, school helper.  As the family changed my roles grew with it and I often though of myself as that hamster on the hamster wheel, unable to get off, forever running and never quite getting to where I wanted to go.

Then my catalyst for change happened – my dad died from an aggressive brain tumour within 8 weeks from diagnosis to death. We nursed him in our home, he died in our bed, and his death hit me hard and it had a huge ripple effect on our family.

At close to 40 years of age, I realised I didn’t want to waste what was left of my life just going through the motions. I didn’t want to live my life any more by other people’s rules. I wanted to have the freedom, to make my own choices, make my own mistakes, create my own future. I knew I had to create radical change in my life. I knew I needed help and support. Yet, I didn’t know where to go or exactly what to do, so I withdrew from the world I had been bought up in.

For a time I was lost. I had lost someone who was a very big part of my life. I had two teenage daughters going through their own challenges growing up. I was running two businesses, working 24/7 juggling all the balls I was loading myself up with. I felt racked with guilt, felt like I wasn’t good enough, was ungrateful for what I did have, and selfish for wanting more. I spent money like it was going out of fashion. I threw caution to the wind (totally out of character for me) and I think the pendulum swung from one extreme to the other.

I spent thousands of dollars and immersed myself into professional and personal development, and slowly over time, I levelled out. I gained a whole new level of skills in personal transformation.  I became aware of how essential it is to take responsibility for myself, tame my own little voices, and quit making excuses. The journey of mastering my life took me through many different stages.  It didn’t happen over night and it created the foundation for who I am and what I do now over a decade later.

Today, I love my life and while it’s not perfect, I now get to live and travel among different cultures with my husband of over 35 years. I have amazing connections with friends and family all over the world, a business that inspires me and a family that I love more than anything.

And my message?  Don’t wait for change to happen, make it happen, work through the fear, worry and doubt and move forward every day, even if it’s just a little step at a time!

  1. Harness your fears – be okay with being afraid.  You’re about create change, to do something super important to you, be brave, look fear in the eye and embrace it.
  2. Accept you’re human – you will have ups and downs, you will make mistakes.  There is no such thing as perfection, you only fail if you stop moving forward, stop growing, stop learning.
  3. It’s a choice – remember it is always your choice, you steer your own ship, nothing has to take you down unless you let it.
  4. Stay connected – keep your dream real, keep it alive, keep it in front of you every single day.  Believe in the change you are making and the impact it will have on yourself, your family, your children, emotionally, financially, spiritually.  Never let go of your WHY!

Do you have a dream that you’re putting off because you’re afraid?  Are you secretly dreaming of creating change and you’re doubting your ability to see it through?  Are you afraid that it’s too late and you’re too old to go for your dreams?

Then my message for you today is a key, I learned in my journey – YOU are so much more powerful than you think.  YOU have the power within you to do anything – anything that you choose to do.  YOU have more strength and resilience than you could possibly imagine. YOU truly have the power to create change in your life and build that business, create that lifestyle that you so desire – if you really want it!

So, don’t let fear, worry and doubt stop you because one day, you’ll wake up and realise there’s not enough time left to chase the dreams you’ve been in fear of making.  Don’t waste a moment – take that first step to create change and focus on the wonderful future ahead of you.

Are you ready to make change happen?  Book a 20-minute discovery session with me to see how I can help you build your confidence, create change and begin living the life you desire.  Book a discovery session here and join my Facebook group Quantum Leap for Women

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