Do you want to be successful? Do you want achieve great things in life and make all of your dreams come true? Then, one thing I have learnt is that the core of success comes from energy.

Low energy is less magnetic, meaning it attracts less and has minimal effect on it’s surroundings. On the other hand higher energy is, as you would imagine, atoms charging around at a higher frequency attracting, absorbing and filling its surrounding space. 


So many don’t reach their potential, their true level of success, simply because they lack energy. They lack an energetic commitment to achieve their goals. They don’t have enough energy to do what is needed when it is needed. And most importantly, they don’t protect their energy levels to draw on when needed.  I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t want more energy (usually quite a lot more) whether it be in their life or business, and, there are so many ways of getting more energy.

Coaching, training and speaking requires energy and so many comment on my energy at any time of the day. Yet I can often, if I don’t be careful lose my energy. I’m definitely not superwoman, on a high every minute of the day. Nope in reality I have ebbs and flows just like anyone else. And, I do protect my energy levels. When feeling flat, lacking energy one of the first things I do is look around to see what I am doing and who I am surrounding myself with. 


Being conscious of my own energy levels I don’t tolerate negativity for more than a moment or two where possible. I always remember my first references/testimonials from my first ever boss, one of my first mentors who wrote about me, “Anna doesn’t suffer fools lightly”. It took me a long time to figure out what he actually meant by this comment and to see it as a positive.

I have now truly learnt that my energy is vital to my success and that negativity, negative thinking, negative people and negative conversations are not worth the energy they are after. I don’t put up with negativity in my life. So, if your energy is lacking, check out who you are associating with in your life personally and professionally.


If you don’t? If you allow negative people, negative thinking, negative words to surround you, they will deplete your energy levels. This is what I have noticed in my own life when I don’t protect myself.

  1. Negativity impacts your thinking. Often you don’t even realise that your thinking is affected, so very insidiously.
  2. Negative people often unconsciously thrive on drama and drama, this is definitely not something you need in your life. For a big part of my life I was the go to person. I gave advice which everyone said was great advice. Most said yes that was what they were wanting, and guess what? When we next met, even years later, they still had the same drama. I came to realisation that they relished in the drama, they enjoyed it – and it’s not my cup of tea!
  3. Negative thinking leads to stagnation. Most times negative people don’t want to grow, don’t want to make the effort to learn and ultimately they want to discourage you from growing as well. A positive person has their foot on the gas pedal. A negative person has a foot on the brake.


Now I want to be very clear here, it is not about whether or not the person is a good or bad person – it’s about whether or not they are energising to be around or not. Positive people who are enthusiastic raise other people’s energy levels.

And, for me, I believe life is too short to spend my time being around negative, crabby, grumpy or grouchy people. They tend to make life miserable and I want to live a life of fun, light and happiness. I want to live a quality life by being with quality people. So one of the ways of doing that is to limit my contact with negative people and to increase my contact with positive people, to bring me joy and happiness.


So this week, check out your energy levels. Take time to reconnect with your people, your community, your cheerleading team. Seek out positive people in your networks and refuse to engage in negative conversations.

And, if you do find yourself caught in the middle of a conversation that is going in the wrong direction, change the subject to something productive. My favourite line is something like “so let’s look at it from a more positive view”. This either shuts them up or refocuses the conversation.

Optimise your energy and you optimise your ability to both attract what you want and create the movement in your environment necessary to accomplish whatever it is you choose.

Do you want to be successful? Do you want achieve great things in life and make all of your dreams come true? Check your energy levels. Check who and what you are allowing into your thinking?


Ready for change? Needing to revitalise, create a more positive energy field. Private Message me and let’s chat. Are you ready to put yourself and your business out there? Let me help!

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