Self confidence, like being rich, is something we think everyone else is, but us.

So for a moment, imagine having unshakeable self confidence:

  • Your whole world, your entire outlook on life, is different.
  • With more confidence in yourself and your abilities, you set bigger goals, bigger plans, setting your sights ever higher.
  • With more confidence you take whatever steps are necessary to achieve your goals, pushing through the fear.
  • With a sense of control you feel in charge of your life.
  • You are bolder, creative, imaginative, willing to experiment and take risks, you speak up and speak out.

Self confidence gives you strength, resilience and stamina to weather the inevitable setbacks that life presents.  With higher levels of self confidence you become more effective in dealing with difficult people and situations – nothing is impossible.

Sounds good?  Sure does! No matter who we are, we all want more of it.

Yet, self confidence comes only when you are comfortable with who you are, realising you are an awesome human being, worthy of your place in the world.  When you feel capable, competent, happy, energetic and positive, you believe that you have what it takes to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. We all have:

  • unlimited potential for success, achievement and prosperity
  • more talent and natural ability to last ten life times
  • a certain amount of self confidence.

Yes, self confidence can be developed but it doesn’t happen overnight.  Every act of self confidence will build your self confidence.  Every success you experience will build your self confidence.  Every setback you overcome will build your self confidence.

Today, resolve to act as if you had all the self confidence in the world.

Believe you can; ask for what you want.

Persist in what you need to do in order to achieve your goals, to succeed.


“What if you could be anything, or anybody you chose to be. Who, would you chose to be?”


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