Age is just a number.

Today I celebrate another year on this earth. I add another digit to my age. I reflect on how old I feel. I celebrate all I have achieved and all I have to look forward to.

I have always been seen as old for my age. Most things as a teenager I did before my peers. I left school early, got married early, married an “older man”, had kids early, began a business relatively young in those days. It was always commented on that I was “mature” for my age. This always niggled me, I hated it and lacking the confidence, I simply smiled and nodded, getting totally pissed off inside, when I was who I was and so much more than my age.

Full Circle

Then over the years I have noticed a change has taken place and it is even more prominent today. It seems now, I have gone full circle and everyone thinks I am young for my age. Every week someone asks my age or at least tries to guess it. They fall over themselves, when I say that my daughters are both over 30. They can’t believe I love to jump out of airplanes. They question the energy and passion I have for what I do “at my age”. It’s funny, being more confident than I ever have been, I still just smile and nod, their comments now, have no relevance to my life.

More Than A Number

Ultimately on reflection, old or young, I don’t really care. When I was younger, the world was my oyster. Getting older nothing has changed. Age has always just been a number. And sitting where I am today I am so grateful with what age has brought me.

  • Life Lines – I have developed, at last, long fought for patience. I have a life, truly full of fun and love, even in times of stress and challenge. While I still can’t say I love them, I know I have earned every line on my face. Mike and the girls lovingly call them my “laugh lines”. I call them my “life lines”, knowing they come from having done some real living over the years, together as a family and as, just me, and being so much richer for it. 
  • Winning Hand – For many years in my earlier life, life happened to me. I will never regret this. Only through this have I learned how to play the cards I was dealt. While not always happy with my hand, I learnt how to shuffle the cards. I learnt how to accept how the cards fell. I learnt how to strategise where I could, to not show my fear, to read my opponents, to create a winning hand with whatever cards I had been dealt. I learnt to both win and lose and I was always up for learning a new game.
  • Game Dealer – Now, with the wisdom, courage and compassion that I believe has only come with age, I am the dealer, I control my hand. I create the rules. I play the game I chose to play, who I chose to play it with and where I chose to play.  I have got wiser, more resilient and more understanding, I know that I don’t always get what I want. I can’t always achieve what I strive for. And that’s okay.

Far From Perfect

I am now so much more comfortable with the fact that I am only human. Yes, I have hit a wall or two and many of those walls hurt. I have searched for knowledge through my experiences. I have invested thousands to learn what I didn’t now. I have disappointed myself, disappointed those closest to me and been disappointed by others. For 36 years, for richer, for poorer, for good times and bad, through sickness and in health, I have been married to the rock of my life. I have found what it truly is to love and be loved, being a wife and a mum. I have had success. I have had accomplishments. I have felt over whelming grief and unimaginable fear. I have had to make challenging decisions and learn powerful lessons.

Hard Work & Courage

Through it all, I have come to understand that life can only defeat me if I allow it to and after all these years, what I have, is the result of a whole lot of hard work and courage, getting up each and every morning full of joy, conviction and energy to make the most of every day. I now believe that my dreams have become my reality and will continue to be realised, having worked harder than I ever thought possible; striving, failing and getting up again — and again. I have earned every line on my face and yes while I wish I had firmer thighs, bigger boobs, flatter tummy, no cellulite, no stretch marks, OMG this body has served me well (and that’s another story)!

Not So Different

So while we all have different life styles, different goals in life, the journey is the same. Lessons learned. Challenges faced. Accomplishments achieved. Never let your age define who you are or what you can achieve. Celebrate whatever age you are – it will never come again.

Yes, age is so much more than just a number … and the best is yet to come!


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