I talk a lot about, alignment and authenticity especially when it comes to starting your own business or building your business for greater success. Why? Because it is essential that you understand who you are, what makes you tick and how you want to show up to this big wide world of business.

For all my coaching programs, this is the starting point and only when you can get clear in these areas are you ready to start creating any type of business plan or strategy for moving forward. You’ve really got to take the time to disrupt you, see what falls out to truly get to now you.

From that first step, everything about your business

  • will revolve around you
  • will be a reflection of the kind of person you are and want to be
  • must radiate your values, your motivations, your goals to achieve the results you desire, to be successful.

None of the above will happen until you get clear on what makes you tick, who you want to serve, how your business will help others and what makes you unique.

And yet, so many just never take the time to get to know themselves. They often try to be something they are not, usually following others or that next shiny thing. They struggle against their natural strengths and blame themselves when things do not go as well as they hoped. They often play down their strengths and oddly enough, spend a whole lot of energy and time trying to excel in areas where they are weakest – this can be frustrating and heartbreaking and so much harder than it needs to be.

AND it is NOT a strong foundation for building your business or for creating the life style you desire.

It is only when you take the time to discover that everyone has a different set of strengths, so that you can identify your’s and are able to make choices about how best to use your strengths. Then, if circumstances arise where you might need to work with a weakness, you will understand that your discomfort is due to the circumstances and NOT something lacking in you, so that you don’t lay the blame, you don’t judge yourself unnecessarily and you don’t give up based on false perceptions (not good enough, don’t know what I’m doing etc). This kind of thinking destroys your business from within, it’s insidious and deadly.

Yet, when you take the time to truly get to know yourself better, you learn so much more about yourself and it has some truly strengthening outcomes. In my defining moment in life, when I actually said enough is enough and invested in who I was and what I wanted, based on my strengths, my whole world was disrupted both in my personal and business life. And while in the moment it was terrifying and challenging, it was definitely for the better. It was an investment in me, an investment in my time and an investment in my energy. When you take the time to get to know yourself,

(1) You accept yourself more readily

(2) You get clearer about how you want your business to work for you

(3) You draw a line and define your “not negotiables” with conviction.

(4) You raise the bar for yourself and your business, confident in what you are bringing to the table.

(4) You figure out for yourself how you will handle the roller coaster ride that your business will bring, because it will be full of ups and downs and you have to learn to roll with both the highs and the lows.

Knowing yourself, you will be so much better prepared in advance.

It may sound strange and today’s tip is if you want to be your own boss, take time first to discover who you are as a boss, validate your strengths and identify areas for development and learning. Learn more about how you connect or not connect with others, learn more about you own style to appreciate the styles of others. Expand your perspectives to have you see new opportunities, to build trust, to generate new action. Only then can you begin to create the business you truly deserve and desire.

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