‘Kick Start Sessions’ are designed to get you unstuck, move you out of your own way to enable you to take the best possible action right now for your best results.

  • 60 minutes
  • 1:1 Kickstart Online Sessions
  • Alignment + Clarity + Action = Accelerated Results

‘Kick Start Sessions’ are specifically structured to give you confidence and clarity, and to move you through your limiting beliefs and challenges. They will help you to brainstorm new perspectives and solutions to challenge that you are facing, allowing you to create a blueprint to have you take the best possible action right now. They will renew your energy for optimal results.

During a ‘Kick Start Session’, we will determine what is happening that is causing overwhelm and stress. We will bounce ideas around together to create new perspectives and solutions to the challenges that you are facing. We will determine an immediate course of action and create a blueprint for accelerated results.

Business Health Audit

$197 USD

Planning is the key to success and is something I just might be a little bit (okay, a lot!) obsessed with. With a great plan and vision, you can really go places fast. That’s what a ‘Business Health Audit’ is all about: Staying in control of your business.

After completing a ‘Business Health Audit’, you will come away with a clearer direction of where you want to be in the future and a basic blueprint that you can build on over time to reach all your business goals. The ‘Business Health Audit’ will give you an instant view of risks and challenges that are holding you back from reaching your true potential and profits. You will leave the session energised and motivated, rearing to get started growing the business of your dreams.

Lifestyle Appraisal

$197 USD

Your ‘Lifestyle Appraisal’ session provides you with someone to bounce your ideas off of and a framework that creates clarity on what you truly want. Achieving our goals in life demands we establish priorities, eliminate negative mindsets and practices, develop detailed plans and, most importantly, take action, stay focused and keep motivated.

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunities and significant challenges. Yet, most people struggle with what they want to do in life, unclear about where they should focus their time or energy. To change this, to achieve the lifestyle we truly deserve, we must do things differently. A ‘Lifestyle Appraisal’ session can be exactly what you need to disrupt your normal and blow out the cobwebs.

Personal Success Review

$197 USD

Each one of us has success factors that are critical to our achieving the best life possible. Becoming more aware of your unique personal success factors, your strengths and your flaws is all part of the journey. Understanding your personal success factors can accelerate your growth and help you to revamp your skills.

Your thought processes and behavioural preferences are the key to putting you on the track for success. They can help you to effectuate your plans for accomplishing your goals. In your ‘Personal Success Review’ session, we tap into your personal success factors for a clearer picture on how you can achieve a more rewarding lifestyle/business.

Roadblock Session

$197 USD

You bring the challenge you are facing. Together, we’ll brainstorm it, break it down and create an action plan to sort it. If you’ve hit a wall, we can plan your attack to have you work through it. If you’re overwhelmed by a seemingly mammoth task, we’ll chunk it down into manageable steps.

The aim of your ‘Roadblock Session’ is to have you go from frustrated and stuck to feeling more confident, equipped and energised to overcome your roadblocks and come out triumphant on the other side.

  • "I just wanted to do a big thank you shout out to Anna Anderson, in my calls with her she really helped me to get focussed, get over fears, and to put action plans in place. Her advice was totally spot on, and she was able to read between the lines and help me identify what was really going on. If anyone is hesitating getting some coaching from her then take this as a little push forwards to making that leap- it is well worth it! Thanks Anna."

    April New Zealand
  • "Just wanted to say that I was able to have two great sessions with Anna and already was able to find more clarity and start putting things into place. Thanks a million, Anna!"

    Tamar Shanghai
  • "Have to say that after our session just now I'm rocking with new ideas to move my biz forward and get some more $$$ coming in! Thank you so much. Learned some great tips to organise myself - I will be implementing them today."

    Sally New Zealand
  • "Thank you Anna so much for our session. I feel so different after speaking with you, I now have a clear direction of what I need to do & where I am going. You have really inspired me."

    Charlotte UK