Let It Go

Today the second of three key areas that you can focus on to create more freedom, be more productive and have more success in your career, your business, your relationships and your life.

Let small annoyances go – just let them go.

Or put it another way, to create more freedom, be more productive and have more success DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF (great advice from Richard Carlson)>

Looking back, I know I took the long road and learnt this one the hard way! When you make a big deal out of something small, things just seem to snowball.  Half the time you don’t even know what you’re doing.   When you’re irritated, stressed or annoyed, the smallest events can have your blood boil and its a chain reaction. For me it took me a long time to recognise what I was doing ….

  • The more absorbed I got in the details, the worse I felt, even though I thought I was looking for “solutions”
  • The more I got caught up in my own thinking, the more uptight I got, the more anxious, the more nervous
  • One thought led to another, and another and I became agitated by everyone/everything around me adding to my thoughts, all joy was lost from my day
  • I would spend all my time dealing with one drama after another as everything escalated and my days turned to custard.

I know we can all relate when something as small as a spilt drink can have us react in way that not only ruins our day in the short term but can ultimately get in the way of us achieving our goals, getting what we want and enjoying success in the long term. I see this in road rage everywhere, in shopping malls, in families where stress and the fast pace of life, leads to reactions far beyond what is deserved.

So, today, take some time out and think about your week and ask yourself two questions:

  • How often did you find yourself getting all worked up about things that upon closer examination, really aren’t such a big deal?
  • How much time and energy did you spend “sweating the small stuff”?

Ultimately as I learnt, it will be your reactions, that will be getting in the way of you getting what you want. Yes, we all overreact from time to time, and it’s not a great habit to develop. If you find yourself getting disproportionately reacting, getting upset, or defensive at small things, all is not hopeless!

We simply need to replace our habits of reaction, with new habits of perspective.  How?

  • By breaking the habit of “sweating the small stuff”.
  • Taking a deep breath and asking yourself is it really worth it?
  • By giving your full attention to the things that do matter, to the things that will make a difference.
  • Using your time and energy instead, to accomplish your goals.

And it continues to be a work in progress, one step at a time.  Three key steps that have helped me.

  1. Identify your triggers. Most of the time, we have specific triggers that cause us to overreact. We all have a button and every once in a while, someone knows exactly how to push it. Preparation is the best way to prevent an overreaction, so think about the things that really get to you the most. If you know them, you can learn to be more in control of yourself when those times arise.
  2. Address issues when they arise or as soon as you’re able. Let it out so you can let it go and move on. Find a friend or significant other you can vent to. As long as they aren’t part of the issue—and you trust them—spill it out when they’re willing to listen. If you can’t vent to someone on person, put it down on paper. Keep a journal, write a letter; do whatever it takes to unload. Emotional baggage becomes fuel for the fire when the right buttons are pushed. I call this my BMW moment – when something goes wrong I allow myself 60 seconds (sometimes more) to Bitch, Moan and Winge and get it all out, then move on – it really does work!!
  3. Create your response system.  Stop, Breath, Respond – whatever works for you, develop a system/pattern, practice it on every occasion and create a new habit for moving forward.

So how are you dealing with the small stuff?

Are you allowing the small stuff to keep you from your potential?

Replace old habits of reaction with new habits of perspective, let the small stuff go and feel the weight lift! It truly is freedom!

Go on – the choice is yours.  What have you got to lose?

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