The concept of leverage is as old as time. Military leaders used it. Kings used it. Even philosophers used it. And the lesson they have taught us is that anything can be leveraged: Debts, family connections, possessions, honours—if someone wants something, it can be used as leverage.

Today, we have the age of the single entrepreneur—the solopreneur, to use a currently popular term. And the problem with being a solopreneur or any person who usually works alone with all or part of their business online, is that you tend to try to do everything yourself. Totally get this, when I first began my coaching and training business this was where my head was at. Luckily I got a coach very early on in my journey who saw to it that I spread my wings and looked at different ways to expand my reach.

And a lot of it is all around learning. In business you are learning new things, all the time. Learning new theories, new techniques, learning software, learning systems, learning how to use social media, learning how to do Facebook ads effectively, learning about email campaigns, learning how to load an autoresponder and so, so much more.

Today I want you to think of leverage maybe in a different way. I will give you some tips/tactics that you may not have thought about around leveraging your fears.

Why? Think about it what do most people do with things they’re afraid of? Mostly they hide. In business, this takes the form of paralysis and procrastination—the moment you find yourself doing everything but repaint the roof, you know there’s something stressing you out that you want to avoid. So whenever you catch yourself doing that, it’s time to sit down and figure out why.

One of the most effective ways to do it is by interviewing yourself. Total crazy and yes it will feel odd and just give it a go. Open up a fresh page on line or in your journal and write up a transcript of a mock “interview”. Make yourself the “interviewer” and guess what, your subject is you too.  Ask yourself questions such as:

  • “What are you feeling right now?”
  • “Where does that come from?”
  • “When you think of______________________, what do you feel?”
  • “What does thinking of _____________________ make you want to do?”

Do this, and most likely you will surprise yourself with what “you” answer to the “interviewer” questions. (In effect, you’re coaching yourself!)

That’s when a little light-bulb is likely to go off in your head as you suddenly realize you don’t have to start with a huge event. Before you know it, you are excitedly planning to have an intimate (but lucrative) gathering on your own turf, in conditions that relax you with people who energize you. An epiphany that might never have happened, had you not “interviewed” yourself.

Leverage your fear by using it as a research tool. Let it teach you what you still have to learn, what excites you, what solutions you can find and what tasks are better outsourced (as long as you know why).

Fear makes you assess risks, stop to do vital research, search your motives and reassess your needs. In short, fear can be your best friend—if you learn to treat it as a friend, and leverage what it is trying to teach you.

How awesome is that! It gives you a whole new perspective on fear, creating a positive perspective to have you take what you learn to increase your profits, grow your business and enhance your life.

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