With so many advancements, with the world moving so fast, the key to real success is to focus on increasing leverage. As a business owner, the most important place to start developing leverage in your business, is to start to work on yourself. Today I especially want to talk about leveraging you!

So, first things first, look in the mirror and look at what you want your future to look like, where you want to be!

Many I talk with and work with, are working way too hard to achieve success, without really getting clear on what success truly means to them. With no clarity success relies purely on your own efforts as there is no clarity to share with others, to inspire them in your vision. And when your success totally revolves around you, you will always be limited in what you can achieve, believe me – I have learnt this one the hard way!

So today, here are three key mistakes I made that I don’t want you to make if you are looking to leverage you, your business and your success.

1. Stop trying to do everything yourself. We all have limits; You and I. Knowing them makes us stronger and it is essential to guard our strengths. The level of success in your business will only be the result of your ability to leverage your strengths to grow others around you.

Solution: Surround yourself with people who make up for your flaws.

2. Stop jumping head first into the work, breathe in and get organised. Abraham Lincoln once said that if he was given 8 hours to chop down a tree he would spend the first seven hours sharpening the axe. This is exactly what building leverage is all about. In most cases it takes time to get organised and put tools, people and systems in place to work more effectively.

Solution: Create systems, it takes time and so worth it. Work smarter, not harder.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others, learn more about you, deepening your own self-awareness, recognition and acceptance of who you are. Then, learn to stand in your truth, model your business around your truth, who you are and what you value. If you don’t, your energy will be sapped up too quickly and your business will become a drag, not an inspiration.

Solution: Take time out to acknowledge you and celebrate you and your strengths.

The simple concept of “leverage” has the power to get you more time, better fitness, career or business success, financial control and relationship satisfaction. And while we know this we don’t utilise the power of leverage as much as we could. So start today with you. 

So think about how you can leverage you and take action! Here’s an exercise to get you started…

  1. What’s the one thing that you know you should not be doing because it is not a good fit for your skills and time?
  2. How can you give it to someone else that is better suited to do it?
  3. Do it – start creating leverage, create momentum and move forward faster.

With leverage, less turns into more: more you, more money, and more of what you really want out of life. Why wouldn’t you!

Has this post helped you think more about leverage? Let us know in the comments section below.


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