As a Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Founder of successful global businesses, I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and other high achieving women, just like you, set yourself up for massive success in both your life and business, using simple, systematic approaches rooted in real world strategies.
On 8 October 2002, I entered a dark space in my life, my dad died that day from an agressive brain tumour within 8 weeks from diagnosis to death.  We nursed him in our home, he died in our bed and his death hit me hard.


At close to 40 years of age, I realized I didn’t want to waste what was left of my life just living through the same broken motions.  I didn’t want to live my life any more by other people’s rules.  I wanted to have the freedom, to make my own choices, make my own mistakes, create my own future.  I knew I had to create radical change in my life.  I knew I needed help and support.  Yet, I didn’t know where to go or exactly what to do, so I withdrew from the world I had been brought up in.


For a time I was lost.  I had lost someone who was a very big part of my life.  I had two teenage daughters who needed me as they were going through their own challenges growing up.  I was running two businesses, working 24/7 juggling all the balls I was loading myself up with.  I felt racked with guilt, felt like I wasn’t good enough, was ungrateful for what I did have, and selfish for wanting more.  I spent money like it was going out of fashion.  I threw caution to the wind (totally out of character for me) and I think the pendulum swung from one extreme to the other.


I spent thousands of dollars and immersed myself into professional and personal development, and slowly over time, I levelled out. I gained a whole new level of skills in personal transformation.  I became aware of how essential it is to take responsibility for myself, tame my own little voices and quit making excuses.


The journey of mastering my life took me through the stages of awareness, accountability and action, which helped me remove self-limiting barriers, blocks and beliefs that were holding me back.  Over the decade that followed I received training in transformational strategies to help keep me, and now you, passionate, on purpose running a profitable business and living a prosperous life.
I can use those same skills to have you obliterate your excuses, take action and get you the proven results you are after to create a lifestyle and business you deserve. Because it is possible to have everything you want, and it all starts with you, with you making the choice to make it happen.  It starts with the commitment to take the next bold, beautiful brave step.


One of the reasons I’m now where I am is because I am clear and totally in alignment with my life’s goals.  Daily I prioritize keeping a positive mindset (despite what’s going on around me), always finding fun in what I do and taking daily action towards my dreams. People comment on this, and I have come to see my energy, enthusiasm, and love of life as undoubtedly my biggest assets.


In the same way I made changes in my life for the better, you can do it to, and it doesn’t need to be hard.  It actually isn’t that difficult, if you have the right guidance and strategies to follow. Having created my own life journey and continuing to expand my business globally, I now support my clients in their own journeys, so they can confidently take that first bold, brave step to create the lifestyle and business they desire.


Together we can define your passion and purpose, create strategies to have you let go of what is holding you back and take daily action to have you achieve the success and results you are destined to achieve.

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