Money, Money, Money

I can still remember every word …

Money, money, money – must be funny
In the rich man’s world

Money, money, money – always sunny
In the rich man’s world

All the things I could do – if I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world

I was brought up with so many mixed messages around money. Thinking only “other people” were rich. You either had it or you didn’t – we didn’t (yet others said we did). That money is a root of all evil. That nothing ever good comes from money. And in many ways that can be so true and in other totally wrong. Because when you step back and actually look at it, money doesn’t actually create problems, money does not in itself cause all the stress people give it credit for. It’s us, plain and simple. It us that create the problems around money all by ourselves. Because money is just that. Money is just a thing!

In itself, doesn’t have the capacity to think, choose or act. It’s nothing more than something inanimate and meaningless, that is, until we give it power, until we give it meaning. Until we allow it to become more than it should be in our life, often the most prominent thing in our life. I see this all around.

And while I believe it is very important to understand money, how to manage money and the financial reporting side of money in business and in life, I also believe that mastering your money has a lot more to do with psychology and mindset than we might think.

When we can remove the emotion, the stories we have around money and often the fear, money is nothing more than a tool that allows us to do stuff, get stuff and change stuff. Like anything, it only has the power, influence and control that we allow it to have in our world.

So then the question is how can we identify if our money mindset is holding us back in either our life or especially in our business? Here are some tell tale signs for us to think about today from a great resource called Pull Your Finger Out by Craig Harper. What do you think? Money is an issue …

(1) When it stops being a practical resource and becomes an unhealthy obsession and preoccupation.

(2) When we value people’s worth by their bank account.

(3) When our sense of self comes from what we own and earn.

(4) When our self-esteem is dependent on our bank balance.

(5) When our need to be rich destroys our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social wealth.

And just a note here, I am not anti money, yet what causes the hurt and heartache, worry and stress is when our thinking, attitudes, habits and behaviour around money begin to damage our health and relationships. Then it’s time to check in with our money stories, re-think our definition of wealth.

How many of us know rich people, who are poor and poor people, who are rich. It all depends on what we really value. Depending on our mindset, we can have it all!

How’s your money mindset? Is money an issue for you? Do you want to change that and yet you’re putting it off, scared about making the wrong choice, the wrong move? Book a free 20-minute “Million Dollar Breakthrough Session” with me, let’s get clear on where you want to be with regards to money and success, what’s holding your back and create an action plan to have you move forward. Book a MDB Session with me NOW and connect on Facebook for more tips and tricks to grow your business, enhance your life.

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