Occasionally we all have to do things in our business that we’d rather we didn’t have to. We make decisions that turn out to be wrong, we listen to people who we knew we shouldn’t and end up making compromises. Been there done that!

Yet, too often our reason for compromise in business is financial, to make the sale. When bills are calling, it’s so hard to see any income as ‘wrong’ and short term gain can often turn into long term payback! We fall into the trap that any business is better than no business. At times we may feel that compromises don’t feel like “choices” and while they are, they are also the compromises, the choices that often lead to long term feelings of pain, regret and guilt.


Now don’t get me wrong, in life there will always be compromise of sorts, and when in business, we need to take care around what we compromise for money, for success. While money is a most wonderful resource, we often need a reminder that it’s not an end in itself and when it becomes our only focus in business, we may find ourselves caught up in endless compromises to make the almighty dollar.

The problem is that once you start making compromises for the almighty dollar, for a consistent cashflow, it becomes so much harder to actually achieve the things that you want. The work that you do when you compromise, is never your best work. If they are not paying enough, you eventually resent doing the work and putting in all the effort into their project. You take short cuts and leave things to the last minute. You do things that don’t feel right. You numb your instincts. You accept less when you know you’re worth so much more!


I’ve also seen many compromise their peace of mind, not because they are struggling to pay the bills, but because they’ve become totally enslaved by their lifestyle, their need to keep up with the Joneses. This is such an easy trap to fall into, as we create for ourselves more and more pressure to be something we’re not. I have personally lived and witnessed the pain of giving yourself up, giving your ideals up, giving your freedom up, in the processing of creating a professional life, to create that ideal business or lifestyle and despite all your best efforts, it never brings the ‘real’ success, fulfilment and reward we all long for.


So, what is the alternative? Stop making compromises. Get really, really clear on what’s most important to you in your business and in your life and …. stick to it. Get really, really clear on your not negotiable values and principles, then shout about them from the rooftops, living and breathing them in every area of your life. Doing this, putting it out there boldly that you will not compromise, everyone around you will also be more clear about who you are and what you stand for. They will respect you for your stand and this in itself will ultimately help you to stick to your principles.

Even more importantly, you will attract the people who won’t ask you to compromise. You don’t need to compromise for them because they like you for who you are, they like what you do and they respect you and are willing to pay for the value you bring.


Build the business that you want around your own values and then, don’t compromise. Be yourself, do what you’re best at and work with and for the right people, that is the true meaning of success, the best way to make money!

What areas may you be compromising for business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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