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Okay I have homework. My task is to write a 1200 word blog. I am assuming around the movement that I am working towards creating: Quantum Leap for Women (Building Confidence, Expanding Choices, Creating Change).

My profile that goes out to the world states that I’m passionate about learning. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not an A student.  Never have been and never will be!  I’m probably now the worst adult student you would want in a workshop, wanting to learn everything quickly and get back to work. And yet, I don’t remember being a bad student.

More interested in living life, I finished school at 15 to get a job and I always had a yearning for learning. In my first job, I was so thankful to have a wonderful boss who, after realizing that I was determined not to go back to school, said he would take me on as an admin assistant as long as I continued to study by correspondence for my University Entrance examination. Which I did, and two years after leaving school, having learned Shakespeare and Economics in my lunch break, I passed the required number of subjects to achieve my UE. I didn’t get to attend University (until quite a few decades later, and that’s another story) and yet having gained my UE while working full time at 17 years of age was a big achievement for me. I was totally stoked and I think this began my inner desire to keep learning, no matter what was going on in my life.

Marrying early, having babies and starting a business, I had a lot to learn quickly. I took night classes to learn computers (the way of the future for one who learned on an electric typewriter) while the kids were at home with my husband and parents. I learned how to graphically design letterhead paper, business cards, and logos to enable me to create a more professional image for our business. I learned accounting and excel to be able to pay wages, taxes and keep annual accounts. I traveled over 200kms every day for 3 months, during the winter months to gain certification required in our chosen industry. Then, to keep up with changes of regulations and policy, I studied Health & Safety Laws and Regulations to ensure we could not only implement the required programs into our business, but also assist other business owners complete their legal requirements as well.

So why have I chosen learning to write my first blog about? Because I now live in a society where “education” is valued above almost everything else for children until they are around 25 and yet I see minimal “learning”.  I meet so many people who are brilliant in their field and yet, outside their sphere of influence, they lack confidence, skills and general knowledge of the wider world. Now I’m not here to knock the system, it is what it is, and my immersion into a new culture simply observing the differences has created a new learning path for me internally, thinking about my own learning experiences and how much I have taken for granted being brought up in an entirely different learning environment.  Not good or bad, just different!  I realize how privileged I am to have had the freedom to learn as I learned and grow up in an atmosphere of curiosity, discussion and questions.

It has helped me to learn more about myself and not take for granted the small things in life, like my love of learning. I love learning new stuff and knowing more today than I did yesterday. I love learning from younger ones who see things from a whole new perspective. I love mixing genders, cultures and ages to create new insights. I love learning from experiences both good and bad. I love to learn from the experiences of others, from the communities around us. I love the like-minded people you meet all over the world. I love what I do, encouraging more and more people to get curious, to ask questions, to expand their learning, to love learning as I do. Why?

Because I see how it opens up so many more choices, so many more options in our lives. Because I love to see the wonder on people’s faces when they realize there is more than one way of doing things, more than one way of thinking. Learning gives me a greater understanding of the world; it helps me to develop compassion and empathy for others, their struggles, and aspirations. By creating a passion for learning you, in effect, create a lifetime of opportunity; it gives you the drive to explore new topics and challenges and it has you be more comfortable with risk and being uncomfortable. Knowledge is power and we live in the age of knowledge. The more I learn, the more connected I feel to the world around me.

And, rather naively perhaps, I thought everyone loved to learn and given the opportunity to learn new things they would jump at the opportunity. And I have learned that this isn’t necessarily true! While intrigued with new concepts or ideas, there are so many excuses that I hear people give as reasons not to learn. It’s too expensive, I’m too busy, I don’t speak English, I won’t understand, I’ll feel dumb, I’m too old, why bother?  My eyes have been opened to see that often when comfortable with your given skills and education, you can be inclined to ‘settle’ with what you have.

And so I think I have gone full circle, back to why I am writing about learning and how it is connected to my new challenge of creating a movement for women to provide space and tools to build confidence, expand choices and create change.

It’s a fact we live in a changing world. We live in a world overloaded with information, information that is now so much more accessible thanks to the internet. And while there are many positives around having this information at our fingertips, it can also make us lazy. We become more content with accumulating information that has minimal impact in our lives. We become lazy in that we think we can ‘learn’ about people and cultures through the screen of a computer without having experiences. We have lost our passion and learning has been stripped down to the ability to amass information at pace.

So today, check your passion for learning, your passion for stretching yourself. I believe it is this passion that will allow you to seek out ways to better yourself continually, to stick to your goals and thrive during the challenges that life throws at you. Rekindle or reignite your passion for learning because passionate learning has huge benefits.

  • Passionate learning opens your mind. It actually changes the structure of your brain expanding its learning ability.
  • Passionate learning increases your wisdom, enabling you to more easily put your life into clearer perspective.
  • Passionate learning helps you to adapt to change, it helps you find more meaning in your life.
  • Passionate learning gives you a real sense of achievement and boosts your confidence.
  • Passionate learning helps you step out of your comfort zone to discover unchartered territories, travel the globe and go beyond your imagination.

The more you learn, the more you have to share. The more you learn, the more connected you feel to the world.  The more you learn, the more confident you will be in your ability to create the life you deserve.

Have you heard about our movement: Quantum Leap for Women?  Quantum Leap is a group that provides a place for women who may have squashed that innate passion of learning and want to reignite it again. It’s for those who want to learn more about themselves, more about what makes them tick, more about the experiences of others. It provides a panoramic view to enable women to see that they are not alone in the world.  Ultimately, this group will support women who want to take steps to create a life they love and learn about and explore new communities, new worlds that surround. I want a safe environment for women to be able to get curious, ask questions, develop skills and challenge themselves and I have created Quantum Leap to fit this need.

QLW Motivation Manifesto #5

“Never stop learning, evolving and growing, never settle for less”

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