DOPE Questionnare


Read the following statements – if the statement sounds like you PUT A CROSS IN THE SHADED BOX
If the statement does not sound like you, then leave it blank and move to the next statement.

Once you have answered all the questions, please tally up the scores that you received in each of the four categories

1 2 3 4
1. When dealing with people and problems, I am seen as firm and determined
2. I am always thinking of new ideas and concepts
3. I feel more comfortable dealing with facts and figures than dealing with people
4. I like traditional practices and accept ideas best
5. I am a gentle person who enjoys peace and harmony
6. I often upset people with my directness
7. I am inclined to argue with the television and radio, when I don’t agree with them
8. I like to take my time filling out forms and questionnaires
9. Working on my own is better for me than working with other people
10. I often find myself telling jokes at parties and with friends
11. Before making a decisions I like lots of information
12. I am naturally noisier than others around me
13. Getting the task done is more important than peoples feelings
14. I describe myself as enthusiastic, spontaneous and persuasive
15. How people feel is very important to me
16. I thoroughly check all small details before coming to a conclusion
17. I can be seen as bossy and rather aggressive at times
18. People say I could sell sand to the Arabs
19. I find small talk difficult and often find myself talking about work
20. I am inclined to criticise people who do not think logically
21. I find being rushed to meet tight deadlines worries me
22. I prefer to be alone than having to mix with others
23. I am seen as calm, even-tempered person, who cares about people and how they feel
24. I like working in a job that I understand that is systematic and not rushed
25. I am good at talking people into seeing things my way
26. People often call me a perfectionist
27. Having authority and control is very important to me
28. Emotions and feelings are not as important as reason and logic
29. I push my ideas strongly, even if others don’t agree
30. I am steady, thorough and analytical
31. I enjoy being the centre of attention
32. I get bored with formality, systems and rigid process
33. Time is more important to me when doing a job, than people’s feelings
34. I enjoy being part of the team more than being a leader
35. Structure, rules and procedures are important to me
36. I am often described as a workaholic
37. I thrive on new, challenging and different tasks
38. I enjoy reading more than talking
39. I don’t like being rushed
40. I am highly competitive
41. I make decisions quickly and on my own
42. I tend to listen and be influenced by other people’s ideas and suggestions
43. I am a very detailed person
44. I am seen as a controlled, confident and courageous person
45. I tend to be shy and quiet
46. I enjoy parties and am often the entertainment
47. I enjoy new things, even when they are risky
48. People see me as mild and easy going
49. I am confident and sure of myself in most situations
50. I am neat and tidy in just about everything I do
51. I get annoyed when people make light of serious situations
52. I don’t like making decisions on my own
53. I have no trouble in making fast and important decisions on my own
54. I often hide how I feel
55. I tend to express exactly how I feel
56. Fine details are very important to me
57. I get aggravated by people who waste time and lose track in discussions
58. I have a reputation for going into situations too fast
59. I tend to take control of most situations
60. I am more attracted to adventurous ideas than practical ones
61. I am often the one talking in the group
62. When I am upset everyone knows
63. I often putt off making the hard decisions
64. I am patient, even-tempered and a quiet person
65. I dislike arguing and often give in to people
66. I can be seen as cool and withdrawn by some people
67. I prefer to be the leader than a team player
68. I am a great storyteller and often exaggerate
69. I avoid aggressive and over assertive people
70. Most people see me as a good listener
71. I find expressing my feelings difficult
72. I am know as warm, friendly and understanding
73. I have no problem in expressing my feelings & opinions in meetings and discussions
74. I prefer to listen than to do the talking
75. I enjoy standing up and talking in groups
76. At the end of the day it is efficiency and results that count
77. People often talk to me about their problems
78. I rely on my own decisions rather than other people’s opinions
79. I gesture with my hands and talk fast, when I get excited

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