How do you feel about your business, your life, your career, right at this very moment? Are you enjoying them? Do you enjoy some parts and not others? Are you fulfilling your passion? Or has life become dreary? Is every morning a little harder to get up out of bed?

In a perfect world, the world you see on movies, on TV, even here on social media, you would jump out of bed happy and energised, ready to tackle the day (and your clients) every day with ease. If you had a family, as the sun rises, they would rise, happy to go off to school/work following a healthy, stress free breakfast together at home in the mornings! Your clients would love everything you had to say, they would turn up for every session, on time, tasks completed. You wake up every morning to check the passive income that is just rolling in from your online products.

Doesn’t this just sound like the perfect world? And yes while we may dream of perfection, we all know perfection is not real, not attainable, and that’s not to say you can’t aim for a balance that suits you. Now I’m not a fan of balance as we have come to see it in today’s modern world. I believe within us, we all have our own level of balance or unbalance as it may be.

How do we know our balance? Whatever it looks like, when you are living it, your energy increases, you’re on fire, you feel revitalised and on purpose. Even when you have a work hard, play hard philosophy (which I totally do) if your balance is right for you, you will be buzzing with energy. While they may knock you a little, when overwhelm and stressful situations show up if you’re living your balance, they can give you the wobbles and they won’t stop you in your tracks.

I love the learning I am doing here in China around so many things and with regards to balance, health and energy, according to traditional Chinese medicine, every human body has an energy highway that all energy flows through. This flow of energy affects how we feel and how we think. It also affects our overall health. When there are no energy blocks, life is good and our days are great. When we experience energy blocks, due to stress, injury, trauma, poor diet, or other poor living conditions, our overall physical and mental health suffers dramatically. I can definitely look back on my life and see where this has been true. Even now, I can totally feel when I’m in balance for me and when I’m not.

One thing that has helped me in creating my own balance is setting boundaries for myself both in my life and in business. Within business learning to set and maintain your boundaries is essential for maintaining energy and giving your business the focus that is required. Your energy is you, your spirit and your liveliness or buzz and when you take on too much work or have clients who don’t jell with your business philosophy, you lose your buzz, your spirit and can become overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed. This dampens your energy, which negatively ripples through and affects your entire outlook on life, even if just in that one day.

So, for a moment, go back to remember why you became a coach, why you stepped into the world of being an entrepreneur, why you went into business in the first place. For many of us, helping people is high on our list of reasons along with family and freedom, primary reasons for starting a business. And whatever your reason, if in reality, you are constantly thinking about business and have a hard time focusing your attention toward your family or things outside of your business, then you may need to ask yourself the question, is it really worth all your effort?

Setting boundaries, learning to say no, protecting your own energy to maintain your unique balance is what will save you, even though it may feel totally counter-productive. You’ve got to ask yourself, at the end of the day, which will you regret more: losing a few clients or losing time with your partner, children, family and friends?

Working non-stop and filling your calendar to the max will only lead to burnout and eventually resentment toward your clients, towards your business. If you check it out, the most dedicated, most successful coaches/entrepreneurs advocate taking breaks between clients throughout the day, taking time out, taking an entire day off, making sure to schedule “me” time and time to relax and unwind.

Clients are certainly important I’m not saying otherwise and if you don’t set boundaries with them, you’ll find yourself ‘on call’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every coach, every business owner needs boundaries to make money, while enjoying their freedom.

Are you protecting your energy? Have you scheduled in much needed time for “other” things in your life?

Are you a highly motivated or aspiring entrepreneur, looking to uncover your next adventure, whether it be launching or growing a business or creating a lifestyle change? Are you unsure what to do? Or are you simply putting it off, scared of making the wrong choice, the wrong move? Awesome then guess what, you’re in the right place!

Book a free 20-minute “Million Dollar Breakthrough Session” with me, let’s get clear on where you want to be, what’s holding your back and create an action plan to have you move forward. Book a MDB Session with me NOW by sending me a Private Message and connect on Facebook for more tips and tricks to grow your business, enhance your life. Download my DARE TO THRIVE guide to have you look at how to thrive, not just survive both in business and in life. You can also follow me on Pinterest, Linked In & Twitter

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