When was the last time you hired a contractor, either for your business or to do something around your home?

With big things happening here for us we are looking for lots of different people to do different things over the next few months. Most we will be sourcing on line or through friends. And China is not the easiest place to find the best service providers. There are so many around, it becomes a mission to simply choose. This got me thinking, how do you decide who to choose?

Making A Choice

Do you look for the lowest price, or for someone with experience? Do you check the contractor’s references, or just take his word at face value? Do you search on line for feedback on services provided? Do you check out social media profiles to see what they’re doing in the space you’re looking for?

Then for the next minute, I want you to turn that around. If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, freelancer or service provider take a moment and put yourself in your prospective customers shoes. If they are looking for what you do and you’re just a part of the whole vast sea of options, how would they find your and check you out? How do you help them to make the choice to choose you? 

– Price | Value

Are you out there at the lowest price? I really hope not! You should always charge what you’re worth. If you undercut your competition, it will only bring in the tire kickers who aren’t serious customers. They will more than likely prove to be a headache (probably a migraine) and are likely to still ask you for a discount. This is not the audience base that will allow your business to grow.

– References | Checks

Do you have references I can find easily. Are you shouting for the rooftops what you are achieving with your clients? Are they talking about you on line? Do your references and testimonials stand out from the crowd? Are they connecting with your audience? Make it easy for others to learn about what you do from the mouth of babes!

– Expertise | Credibility

People are usually drawn to businesses with a good track record and good customer reviews. AND they have to have heard about your services or seen your services somewhere first to trigger their curiosity. Building credibility with their audience continually is a key for successful operators. They learn from their mistakes. Adjust the way they do business when something doesn’t work, and then they tell everyone about their experience. They share their knowledge with their prospective clients prior to any thought of being hired.

Showcasing You

So my question today is really around, are you showcasing you, your services and your results in amongst all the other noise out there in the business world today? Showcasing your expertise has always been a key factor in building business and even more so today. To be clear, today, you should be showcasing yourself both online and offline. 

– Hope Marketing

Unfortunately, many share with me their fears and concerns about marketing and promoting themselves on line. They have the profiles all set up, the website has been created and now they’re just HOPING that people will find them. This is a very passive way to run your business. You cannot be passive in this world of business. Hoping is not the marketing key for success!

– Be Visible

Instead, it’s time to be visible online and offline. Be vocal. Tell people what you do. Share your experiences. Offer advice. THIS WILL build your credibility. You will gain more visibility. Leading to new followers and potential new clients. Never be afraid to market yourself because you think you don’t understand or can’t control the search engine rankings. Just do it. You can sort the details along the way – I can vouch for that!

– Stand Proud

So, no matter what stage of business you’re in today, whether you just opened your doors or have had a string of clients for years. Today is the day to concentrate on building your credibility and sharing your expertise with the world. Make it easy for people to find you, learn about you and see the real you when they are looking for your type of service.

This is no time to be a wallflower. Especially if you have big dreams of growing your team, growing your business, hitting a certain income milestone, selling a certain number of products, or booking a guest appearance on Oprah. Be proud of your story, of your success. Plan now to share it with your audience.  


Are you ready to take that leap and put yourself out there? Complete a FREE business health checklist to understand the key areas of business that need your attention to create your next growth steps. Or private message me and let’s create a plan for showcasing you in 2019.

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