Small Acts

Today, the third of three key areas that you can focus on each and every day to:

  • create more freedom,
  • be more productive and
  • have more success in your career, your business, your relationships and your life.

We have covered two ….

  1.  Think for yourself
  2.  Let small annoyances go
  3.  And today … practice small acts of kindness.

The fact is, you don’t have to leap tall buildings, mask your face or wear a red cape to be someone’s hero; to make someone’s day. And it is amazing the ripple effect a small act of kindness can make often not just to one person!

Of course, if you have big plans to change the world and have a real impact in the lives of many, that’s awesome.  And you should never lose sight of the small things you can do and say, every day for those around you.  Most of us today will be unable to create lasting change throughout a town or a nation, yet small acts of kindness, made obligation free, provide us all with fantastic opportunities to change the world.

And as we negotiate “life’s maze” trying daily to figure it all out, it’s good to remember that underneath the range of exteriors, the cultural differences and language barriers,

  • we are all human
  • we are all the same, the whole world over and
  • we all need encouragement and inspiration.

No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted.  You just never know how much difference that one small, thoughtful gesture or word, can make to someone else’s day.  And for you the benefits are endless:

  1. Kindness is good for your health, it boosts your immune system
  2. Kind acts give us positive feelings and a closeness to others
  3. Kindness has a ripple effect, it spreads like a wave, into all areas of your life.

For me here in China, we have been blown away by the kindness shown us.  Big things, little things, expensive things, just little acts worth no monetary value. It has really been an eye opener here to see those with little means open there homes and their hearts to us to contribute to our life here however they can. And I hope we pay it back tenfold to them. Together we can only make this world a better place through what we can control, what we can offer in the moment.

  1. A smile – it blows them away here to have me make eye contact and smile, yet watch the difference it makes even when we don’t speak the same language.
  2. A personal note of thanks or even just to say hi – I was shown a note I had given someone when we first came to China, a quote for when she was down. She carried it around in her purse and was so thrilled to show me when we met again years later, it totally blew me away.
  3. Picking something up for someone when their arms are full – seems like a no brainer and for mums with arms full of groceries and babies, watch the thankfulness and happiness in their eyes.

So never think what you have to give is too small. If you wait until you are able to do something big for everyone, instead of doing something small for someone, you’ll end up doing nothing at all for anyone. So to be kind or not to be kind?

You can make a difference!  The question is, will you?  The choice is yours.

And remember – from here on in, think for yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff and act kindly every day for more success, productivity and freedom.


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