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“I just don’t know where to start.”  It’s a comment I hear so often when I talk with people about what they want to achieve. They know what they want and yet they insist they just don’t know where to start. Funny thing is, we all know where to start when we want something bad enough. We start with the first step, whatever it looks like, then we follow it with the second and the next….

And for some reason, even when we know what we need to do, we continue to procrastinate, to put off taking action to achieve meet our deadlines, reach our goals and realise our dreams. So, take a moment to imagine what life would look like a year from now, if you continue to procrastinate. A year can go past so quickly.  A year from now?  You’re still in the same place. You still haven’t taken action. You still haven’t taken that first step. Consider how will you feel about yourself if you procrastinate for a whole year and make zero progress. I’m betting you’ll feel pretty flat, useless and a number of other words I won’t elaborate on here!

Yes, I know that first step IS the hardest because it’s the scariest. That first step is the one that means change and change is scary. That first step means doing something different, something new, something that might not go how you planned or expect. That first step means opening yourself up to the unknown, to failure and rejection.

So, here are three things that you can do to help make that first step happen:

  1.  Remember it’s okay to be scared, it simply means you’re human
  2.  Acknowledge your fears, let them out, talk about them, face them front on
  3.  Break your goal down into the smallest, tiniest possible step and focus on one step at a time

Use today wisely. Think about one goal you have. Just pick one. Something you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Something you’ve been putting off. It could be as simple as getting up 30 minutes earlier. Going to the gym. Spending more time with your other half. Enrolling in a course. Starting a challenge on line. Or just taking time out to do something for yourself.  Break it down to that very first small step and then… Be like Nike and Just Do It!

Figure out what that one small step you can take towards your goal is and take that first step today. Tomorrow, figure out what the next small step is and take that step tomorrow. Then repeat for each consecutive day. One small step per day. That’s all it takes. 365 days – 365 steps! The more steps you take, the more momentum you will create, the more confident you will be and the closer you will move towards your goal.

Will every step you take be the right one? Maybe and maybe not. And you won’t know for sure until you start moving forward, one step at a time. Once you take that first step and create the momentum, all steps taken will be a gift, simply because each right or wrong step will provide you knowledge, insight and direction that you didn’t have before you took that step! You will begin to create the path to that next step and beyond.

  • Don’t wait for that day when you look back with regret.
  • Don’t wait for that day where you’ve run out of days.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Take that first step TODAY!

Need a little help? Make sure to surround yourself with people who inspire you, and push you, and support you. It could be a best friend or a family member. It could be someone who’s in the same boat as you. Join Facebook groups with people who are trying to do the same things you’re doing. Talk to them. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Share what you’re feeling. Having the right people around you will go along way towards helping you overcome your fears, taking that first step, reaching your goals and celebrating success together.

Do you have a goal? Do you know where to start? Start here. Today!


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