Authenticity and alignment – words that keep coming up for me.

Authenticity, being real, being genuine, being you.  Authenticity is about being true to yourself, true to those you love, relentless in pursuing your passions, and fearless in seizing your dreams. It takes courage and bravery to be who you really are.

Alignment, when your aspirations, approaches, attitudes, attributes, and actions are all line up. It’s about your actions, your thoughts, your daily choices, habits and routines, all synchronising to meet your aspirations, your dreams.

When what you value and want and dream does not match the life you are living, when your actions and thoughts do not match the direction you are taking, you have pain.  It’s this pain that we often fight as we try to create something that is not us.  It’s this pain that creates our life’s lessons.  It was this pain that had me put together short sharp training on how to be aligned with your alignment.

So today’s blog is a little self reflection.  Doing this training confirmed for me how unaligned I was getting with what I wanted and how I was going about making it happen.  It sparked in me, my real self and had me remember how much I love short sharp “things”! No not needles lol, let me explain a little more.  I learnt a while ago while I have huge drive and persistency i.e. I don’t give up easily and what motivates me is just getting in and getting s**t done.  I also learnt that I am more a project type person.  I love to jump in, learn, create, deliver then get out and do it all over again.  While I love consistency, I am allergic to routine day in and day out.  I am allergic to balance, I actually love a roller coaster life. I love to hustle, then relax.

Yet on the other hand I love to be able to simply sit and take in the world, whether it is by water or in a noisy cafe simply people watching.  I am a definite introvert, it totally fills my cup to have my alone time – Mike and my girls have learnt this, they can read the signs and know when to stay clear.  Although most people if you ask them about me will call me an extrovert as I’m around people daily, training teams, coaching one on one, public speaking to 000’s.  And at the core of me I have learnt to make time to fill my cup to enable me to rock when doing what I love. I have also learnt that I come first, although for me this even after 35 years, it’s still a work in progress.

I think for many who love to keep moving, who live life at a pace that most can’t keep up with, it can be really difficult to discern if you’re actually living authentically or not. Even the most in-touch person can lose touch with their authentic selves sometimes. we take on a whole lot of responsibility just because that’s the kind of people we are.  We accept we are in control and sometimes forget that life is not always about knocking it out of the park every single day, that sometimes it’s more important that we check in with ourselves.  Just like anything that is always in constant use, it is impossible to stay on perfect pitch 100% of the time. Occasionally we need to check in for a tune up session to revisit everything we are doing and re-sync where we have veered out of alignment.

  • Am I doing what I want to do?
  • Am I doing it in a way that matters to me, in a way that lights me up?
  • Is what I’m doing, how I am acting, what I am thinking lighting me up, energising me?

When these questions start showing up, stop and listen to them. Don’t ignore them. Do something left base, something that just feels right.

  • Know and remind yourself that you deserve every small win, every great success that comes your way.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, test and try out new things. Whether it works or not, feel grateful for the inspiration and be proud of what you create.
  • Get some help, get someone to help you dig deeper.  It may just be time for a tune up session.
  • Most of all, don’t quit, don’t give up your quest.

While your outer world may not yet reflect your vision, your dreams and it doesn’t mean it’s not right, it may just need a little tweaking. Every day ensure you are on track.

  1. Share your passion with others someway, somehow, whatever it is you love to share.
  2. Live your purpose, whatever it is you feel inspired to be, being true to you and who you truly are.
  3. Create your own paradigms, your own model, your own business, doing the work you were born to do.
  4. Listen to your inner compass, creating your own journey, transforming your own life and others lives along the way.

When you know, feel and trust what you are doing is authentically you and totally aligned with your passion, you feel alive, centred and connected whether it be in your personal or business life. Get aligned. Be authentic. Help others share their passion, live their purpose and create a lifestyle or thriving business doing what they love to do.   That’s what life is all about.  That’s the life we all deserve.


Alignment needing a tune up?  Feeling unauthentic? Lacking passion or purpose? Book a 20-minute discovery session with me to see how I can help you clear some head space and have you focus on reviving your authenticity and creating alignment in building the business and lifestyle you desire. Book a discovery session here and join my Facebook group Quantum Leap for Women


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