The World Needs More Dreamers

Do you believe that dreams can come true????

I do! I’m a believer! I’m loud and proud in my conviction that I believe dreams can come true!

How about you?

Today’s society is so geared around action and doing, sometimes you may feel a little cautious about revealing that you believe in dreams coming true. It puts you in that “fluffy” category, where no one takes you seriously. And yet without dreams, I hate to think what the world would be like. Big dreams are the reasons the world changes for the better. Big dreams create great new inventions and new ways of living. Big dreams give you the opportunity to truly leave your mark on the world.

Do not mistake, dreams don’t come true by accident and not just by dreaming. For dreams to come true, you need to believe in them so deeply that you will do anything to turn them into reality. Dreams become reality if, and only if ,you are willing to go out there and do whatever it takes to make them happen. And we have proof of that fact everywhere we turn.

With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland earlier this year, it is a great reminder that yes, dreams can come true. It was a huge event here in Nanjing, as we are only an hour away from Shanghai by fast train. The new resort joins the Walt Disney company’s other resorts in United States, Paris, Hong Kong etc, launched nearly 61 years to the date after the original Disneyland was opened on July 17, 1955 in Anaheim, California. Pretty cool I think.

So what does Disneyland opening in Shanghai have to do with dreaming? Disneyland itself began with a dream. Or as Walt Disney put it, “It began with a mouse”.   The powerhouse that we now know Disney to be, all began with a mouse, an idea, a belief, a dream. A global empire built upon a drawing of a mouse (Mortimer Mouse , which was later changed to Mickey Mouse). A fantasy kingdom created in the mind of an extremely visual man who could see every little detail of what would become Disneyland. And I love the fact that it began with a mouse!

Our world is filled with so many creative, inquisitive minds and so many of us dream of great ideas. I bet you have had some great ideas. Think for a moment how many ideas have you had, light bulb moments, only to let them go in the light of day. How many missed opportunities have you allowed to slip through our fingers, telling yourself they’re just dreams? How much time, have you spent dreaming about ‘it’, yet putting ‘it’ away for another day, never pursuing ‘it’ for some reason? Yes, we all have the ability to dream

And the sad fact is that too often we lack the self-belief, the confidence to take our ideas, to take our dreams, to put it out there, take the risk and give it a go. We squash the dream before it has a chance. That awesome idea last night, in the light of day, loses its sparkle. Before the seed can even germinate, self-doubt creeps in. I get it. Not all dreams can be pursued. And yet the possibilities are endless when we open our eyes and minds, believe that dreams can come true and will ourselves to take that next step!

Dreaming is the easy part! Every step from there takes courage, confidence and belief. Picking the dreams you want to pursue is essential. You cannot chase every single dream or you will end up catching nothing. Then taking your dream and turning it into a vision takes effort, being sluggish and lazy isn’t an option to people with a vision. People who have visions work hard to achieve their dreams, creating any means possible to achieve their goals – no matter what. You see, having a vision is important, and when you can see it and translate it onto paper into a plan, it feels so much more achievable and you are on your way to execution, to taking focused action to turn your dreams into reality. When we believe in our heart that something is right and have the courage to pursue it, even against all contrary advice, we often reap the greatest rewards. And it doesn’t happen over-night.

So my dream is taking my journey and using it to begin a movement. And in this process, three key areas stand out for me, as I proceed along my chosen path to my dream:

  • As outsiders, we usually see the success at the end. We look at successful people, successful ventures and think we can never be like them. Internally, we have these stories buzzing round and round in our head disintegrating our passion, our confidence and our courage. Yet each and every one of them had to start somewhere. Remember, a global empire was built around a mouse. Go figure!
  • Our dream/vision takes a beating as we begin to share it with others.We encounter resistance from those who simply cannot see the dream and doubts from those who are risk adverse. Imagine what might have happened if Walt Disney had listened to everyone who told him that his ideas would never work, that a mouse character would frighten women, that people would never watch animated movies and that a theme park would be a huge failure.
  • We give up too soon. Sometimes our dreams may need a little adjustment or sometimes the timing is just wrong. Whatever the reason, don’t give up too soon. Even Mickey Mouse wasn’t immediately successful. He had two failed screenings before he won his place in history.

Walt Disney had a dream and it was when he went public with his dream, when it came to selling the dream, when it came to putting it out into the world, he hit resistance from all sides, from those who could not see the dream or did not believe that dreams could come true. Having trouble relaying his dream to other less imaginative stakeholders, he persevered against the odds, no matter what they threw at him. He continued to dream and believe in himself. He dared to create the happiest place on earth by taking care of business and utilizing his ‘can do’ positive attitude against the odds, laying the foundation for what is now Disney, an admired endearing globally successful entertainment company.

I have a dream. I have big dreams and often I have trouble articulating what I really want to say for fear of looking stupid. I have trouble sharing my dream with others for fear of failure. I have trouble selling my dream for fear of ridicule and rejection.   And none of these are good reasons to give up. These are part and parcel of the journey. In the end, our success is not defined by the dream. Anyone can dream. Our success is defined by our courage, by our persistence, by our belief in ourselves and in our dream despite inevitable challenge and resistance.

Remember your dreams won’t come true by accident. It’s knowing and believing in your dream, holding on to the vision and taking massive action that will have it come true.

So, if you really want your dream to become a reality, start NOW on the pathway to making that happen. No matter what, always believe in yourself, dare to give it a go and persevere. And as you go through challenging times, remember as I do, it all started with a mouse and let the Walt Disney Story spur you on to greatness – to the life you deserve! Go out and conquer the world.

Dream | Believe | Dare | Do

Tell us about your dreams below. A shared dream is a step in the right direction!

If you are ready to invest in your dreams and make your dreams come true then chat to me.  Book a free 20-minute springboard session with me to see how I can help you build your confidence, create change and begin living the life you desire.

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