I love what I do, helping business owners and entrepreneurs build successful businesses and have fulfilling lives and often this requires some sort of change and transition. In life and in business change and transition are inevitable and are vitally important to growth. Without change, we remain stuck, unable to reach our goals.

That being said, change is sometimes unexpected, sometimes unwanted, and frequently uncomfortable. Sometimes clients don’t even know what the next thing is, only that it’s time to do something different. And sometimes the choice is not theirs, it’s something that has been imposed on them.

Six years ago this month, Mike and I moved from our beautiful home country of New Zealand to China. Fortunately, it was our choice to move. Still, the process, while exhilarating and exciting, it was totally exhausting. I still remember it to this day.

Step one was making the decision and take the leap at first, just mentally. And it didn’t happen overnight. I had to actually head back to University to get a degree to enable one of us to work in China. That took a few years to complete and gave us time to work through letting go, both mentally and physically, of most of the things we had accumulated for over 40 years. Then closer to D Day, came the endless details, the paperwork and the research on our big move.

Next the actual physical leap. Saying goodbye to our girls was the hardest. While they had not lived at home for a long time, it was still a heart wrenching move to make so far around the world. Taking the leap and actually getting on the plane – right up until our plan lifted off, I still did not know if we would actually go through with it.

And so we arrived in an entirely new country, a totally different culture and here we are six years later, still here and loving all that we have experienced. The rollercoaster, ups and downs in basically every area of our life. Expanding our business while here has added so many other unknown challenges and risks and combined, it is an experience we will never forget or regret!

Now looking to make another transition from China to Croatia in the next year, we feel so much more in control of our destiny than we did six years ago and know that the stress of the transition and change whether in business or in lifestyle, is totally worth it.

So how does my experience help others through times of transition and change? Here are some ideas from my own experience and experiences clients have had working with me.

  1. Focus on the positive. In any change in both life and business, there will be positive and negative. My role is helping clients focus more on the positive aspects of change, than on the stress. To help them mentally leap from what is and what could be.
  2. When self-sabotage sets in. Even when change is initiated by them, we can often unconsciously resist the change and set out to self-sabotage, for a range of reasons. Using high-octane questions I challenge clients to always be upfront and honest with themselves. Not pulling any punches and hitting them hard, helps them out of their numb state, to truly see the cost of maintaining the status quo moving forward.
  3. Create a support system. Whether in business or in life, change is not the time to go it alone. It’s time to call in the support system of friends and family. Whatever they need for support, now is the time to seek it out. Physically and mentally preparing clients for a time of increased vulnerability, decreased certainty, full of challenge and risk is part of what I do.
  4. Expect the unknown. While the first step to change and transition is a plan, it’s also about contingencies and enhancing their ability to expect surprises, some pleasant, others not so much. Helping them to both understand and increase their capacity to handle ambiguity and uncertainty, is all part of the process.
  5. Ensure time for self care. Through personal experience I know that it’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of change, that we forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. This often just means a simple reminder to keep number one, number one or change will most often become unsustainable.
  6. Create momentum. Celebrating the small things, the small steps along the way is essential to have them be able to ultimately celebrate the final outcome (whatever that may be). When they get derailed, I am here to help them get back on track, to keep them moving forward in pursuit of their goals.

Change is challenging. Transitions are tough. I’m here to provide the energy and perspective needed to help others successfully move on to their next thing—whatever it may be. Are you ready for change? Let me help you through the transition and onto your next big thing!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

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