If it don’t fit, don’t force it. Trying to squeeze yourself into a business model that doesn’t fit you makes no sense, it’s basically looking to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole. Ultimately causing unnecessary stress, eroding your confidence and wearing you down, doubting you’re cut out for business.

Right For Me

It literally took me decades to realise how important it is both in life and business to ensure that what you do, how you do it and who you do it with is aligned. Here’s some examples:

(1) For one I learnt that I’m a sprinter, not a marathon runner. While I have the stamina to go the distance, and often do, I relish short, sharp bursts. I am energised more when I can get in, make a difference and move on.

(2) Although it took a while, deep diving into personal development I realised that while I’m in my element training and speaking, surrounded by people basically 24/7, it was okay that my introverted tendencies at the end of the day had me craving my own company. Essential to refuelling me for another day.

(3) For years I strived to enjoy being an “early bird” because early risers were celebrated and “early to bed, early to rise” was held out as the way to success. Maybe age and experience contributed to me realising somewhere along the line, that not all high achievers are early risers, not all early risers are successful.

Right For You

If you’re your own boss and you’re feeling stuck, like something’s just not right for you, be willing to look at different facets of who you are (your personality, social styles, age), how you are doing what you are doing and listen to your intuition. Take time out to really get to know yourself and your natural tendencies. Ask yourself “What gives me energy even when I’m tired?”

Different Preferences

People with different personalities have different needs, different values, and different preferences both in life and in business. And the more you understand about yourself and your talents, your natural instincts, your over-riding challenges, the more aware you will become of your own personal power to create a business and life that is the best positive fit for you. This in turn will help you create your day to day actions, as well as your destiny and go after it with all the passion and energy you can muster. It really does make a difference, believe me!

Dare To Thrive

Do you allow yourself to thrive by doing more of what you do best, when you’re feeling your best, in the way you best do it? If want help figuring out what exactly your ideal model is, your way of doing things is, then let’s talk.


Looking to get clear on what’s truly important to you in your business and in life? Let me help! Private message me and let’s chat.

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