Here’s the thing, super successful people, don’t just maximise their hours while they’re at work, high-achievers also use their “days off” wisely, to renew, recharge and refresh!

So I did a little digging on how to maximise our weekends, because while so many look forward to Friday, on Monday so many are asking themselves “Where did the weekend go?” Or, “It feels like I didn’t even have time to relax”? So many do not come back from the weekend renewed, recharged and refreshed. Some can’t wait to get back to work. Some dread Monday’s. Some start a new week feeling guilty that they haven’t accomplished what they wanted to on the weekend.

Having been my own boss for most of my working life, weekends lack significance for me. I usually like to ensure a 3 day weekend and due to my schedule for the rest of this year, my “weekends” at the moment are Wednesday and Thursday. This is great here in China because we get to travel and do things while there are not so many people out and about, all at work. 

So today, five tips to maximise our weekends with a little humour:

(1) Your body and brain need a break, to recharge.

When you never get any true downtime, your stress levels remain high. High stress can result in a whole host of health problems. If you want to remain (or become) healthy, you need to have down time. The weekend is a great place to start. And now, more than ever, these days our work is so very brain oriented. So just as much as our body and muscles need down time, so does our brain. It’s a simple cup full, cup empty equation. On weekends we need to rest our brains to function effectively and efficiently the rest of the week. Re-energise your cells. Re-charge your brain!

(2)  Spend time this weekend with your kids, one day they’ll pick your retirement home. 

As parents, one of your deep down desires is to have a great relationship with your children, through all different ages? While it can be challenging, it won’t happen if you’re always working. So, shut your laptop. Put your phone in your pocket, and do something with your kids especially if you have those wonderful creatures called teenagers. They may say they don’t need time with mom and dad, and they do – so give it to them.

(3)  Your significant other half is important too!

Your “other half” can have a tremendous impact on your career, on the success of your business, your relationships, your family, your life. Being married to the right person can really boost your potential in all areas. So, if you want to succeed, you’re much more likely to do so with a supportive “other half” at your side. And it’s a two way street – they won’t support you if you’re not supportive back. So, weekends are a great time to ensure you give your number one relationship a little time, a little attention and a whole lot of loving!

(4) All work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl.

Remember when you used to do fun things on the weekend, free and easy? In NZ/Australia summer is coming, so get outside. Go for a walk. Go for a hike. Ride a bike. Go to a festival. Go to a concert. Eat a choc dip ice cream. Go dancing. Go rock climbing. Go somewhere different. Do something different. And don’t do it alone, build your family, build your friends into your fun – kill two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking of course)!

(5) Your business, your job, will not love you back! 

Even if it’s your business, there may come a day when you’re unceremoniously kicked to the curb. If you’re not the owner, you can be laid off at any time, it’s a cold hard fact! So, don’t fool yourself into thinking your company will always be there for you. They won’t be! Your weekends are yours, use them to build Brand You!

(6) My favourite, plan you time even if just an hour!

For years I’my weekends revolved around others. Now I ensure at least an hour or two completely unplanned time just for me. That may seem boring, and knowing that I don’t have to be anywhere, do anything, or be accountable to anyone, is a healthy way for me to recharge and hit the reset button. Make this not negotiable, carve out an hour (or more if you don’t have a partner or kids) and be entirely selfish and self-indulgent.

Counting down today, will your weekend be draining and boring or will it be refreshing and energising? Whatever you may choose to do this weekend, wherever you choose to invest your time and energy, may be just what is  needed to take you to your next breakthrough for yourself, your relationships, your career, your business, your life.  

It’s your choice.  Own your weekend!


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