I am always thinking about the structure of my business and what I offer and what really lights me up and I have learnt to stay close to my gut instinct. When I loose sight of what I do, when what I do and who I am, become unaligned, things just don’t hit the mark, so every 3 months I reconnect with me, who I am and the difference I want to make for others.

At a critical stage in my life, I stood up and took control Being in business for most of my working life, I most often have the freedom to make this choice and yet it took a while to actually get it right in my head that this was okay. Because I am a true multi-tasker I do tend to get caught up in the every day details, because for most part I can do every part of my business and I often have to kick myself to let others help. I’m slowly getting better at delegating and outsourcing to ensure I keep this pact with myself. 
Today I love my life, while it may not be perfect I now get to live and travel among different cultures with my significant other half of over 35 years. I have amazing connections with friends and whanau all over the world, a business that inspires me and a family I love more than anything in the world. I make the most of the money I have spent on personal development over the years and living my life based on imprinted behaviours I have chosen to model, dismissing those I don’t.
I have the flexibility and freedom I want to be a present mother and business owner and wife and coach and trainer and speaker. I ‘over deliver’ or rather, ensure my clients get a super high level of service and care, something I consider ‘normal’. I get to take a break when I want to, I get to travel and work from wherever I choose and I get to work crazy hard when I’m on a roll, I get to hustle! I get to run my own show and celebrate my success the way I want. I also get to crash and fall apart how only I can, when things don’t work out as planned or simply blow up in my face.
So many see me travel and work with my better half, doing what I love and say “I’m lucky” and you know what we are so grateful for so many things in our life. And yet lucky?  No way! Luck has nothing to do with it.  We both learnt the value of work early and what’s got us to where we are today is a lot of hard work and sweat, pure determination and stubbornness.  One of my favourite quotes, and I forget who said it – “success is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration”. One of Mike’s favourite quotes “no pain, no gain”.
Is it luck? No
  • It’s called, making your own way.
  • It’s called engineering your life.
  • It’s called planning – long term and short term.
    It’s all about taking control and making the hard choices.
  • It’s called doing the hard yards and making it happen for yourself

I totally get that we’re all different. I get that not everyone has the same drive or know-how or situation. I also get that there are a lot of excuses. I get that there is a lot of ‘waiting’ for the right moment. I get there is a whole lot of fear out there to take make the choice and more importantly take the action to make it happen.

I’m no hero. I’m no superstar. I’m just me, and at a crucial time in my life I made the choice to take control. I had a plan. I have a vision. And while it’s not perfect every day, hell sometimes a whole week or month can turn to S”*&, and it’s still my day, my way, my choice. So I have been working on this for over five years and have made a choice. Today, I am putting it out there! In October 2019 I will be running a MASTERMIND Retreat of sorts here in Nanjing China for a select group, no more than 12 women. Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. An experience for women over 40 looking for new perspectives, inspiration and challenge for their next adventure in life/business.

It will be an experience to accelerate the biggest change in your life through immersion, exploration and travel with the intention to return – charged, with clarity and confidence, changed forever!

  • There will be space to explore, yourself and your inner thoughts, for clarity.
  • There will be time to immerse yourself in an entirely different country, people & culture.
  • There will be opportunity for pampering and self care, both traditional & modern.
  • There will be occasions to connect and collaborate with likeminded global women.

A transformational experience created to enable you to tap into who you are and create alignment with where you’re at and what you’re doing. Throughout you will reconnect with your inspiration, raise your vitality, expand your options and perspectives to ensure you will return to live and work in a way that truly connects for you. Together we will unlock and throw open the doors of possibility.

This even is only for those serious about taking that quantum leap into their future, leaving where you are, to return changed, open, new, refreshed and ready to take on the world. Four days of all about you. No distractions, lots of accountability, surrounded by inspiration.

And I won’t leave you hanging afterward as many retreats and seminars do. Joining our MASTERMIND Retreat will include three months Laser Coaching with me both prior to and following the event, to ensure you’re completely on track when you arrive and are fully supported once home.

This is not a big group retreat where you’ll feel like a number, get overwhelmed or flail. This is intimate and personalised. This is a place where you will achieve what you set out to achieve. This is my baby so I am fiercely protective of who will be accepted for this wonderful opportunity, only because the wrong energy can upset the entire applecart. And I’m super confident that this is the right way to help the right people move forward engineering their lives, building their businesses and enjoying their lives to the full.

Join Me?

Let me know you’re interested by commenting “YES PLEASE” below, email me “LOVE TO” or ask to join our select Facebook Group to be kept up to date of this event.  If you want to know more, book a time to talk to me and we’ll talk about what it this could totally mean for you.




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