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I believe one of my strengths in both life and business is my energy and positive attitude. I have come to appreciate the fact that I have an innate ability to see through all the negative and see the even smallest ray of sunshine on the other side. Here in China it is acknowledged and commented on by many. This has helped me to see how much I have taken these two things positivity and optimism for granted.

I think we would all agree that high achievers, in any area of life, business, sports, careers, etc generally have:

  • positive, optimistic attitudes
  • know how to take action
  • know how to ask for help.

They are not afraid to bring in coaches to help them improve their leadership and planning skills. They are up for any challenge that life or business throws at them. That is me to a “T”!

Does this sound like you? Do you tend to see the positive, even in trying situations? Or do you immediately assume the worst and focus on the negative?


According to Leah Weiss, Ph.D, a Stanford professor specialising in mindfulness in the workplace, “some of us are optimistic and positive by nature, while many of us learn optimism.” Regarding this she says that “anyone can learn to be optimistic — the trick is to find purpose in work and life. When we work with purpose or live with purpose, we feel more fulfilled and better equipped to see the glass ‘half full.’” So the good news is that by consciously altering our thought processes, we can literally re-wire your brain to be more positive and optimistic.

So what does this have to do with business?

Research also shows the following:

  • Being positive and optimistic is closely linked to resilience (both physically and mentally). Resilience is a key strength in business.
  • Those with a positive, optimistic outlook tend to be more proactive, earning higher incomes and having more successful relationships.
  • While some people may be unable to deal with uncertainty and change, positive individuals are able to adapt and thrive in chaos and disruption, more able to accept what they can and cannot control in any situation.


Of course I am also a realist and would never advocate denying your reality and getting caught up in a fantasy world of blind optimism, walking around wearing rose-colored glasses 24/7.  For me, realistic thinking does not mean never seeing the bright side of life. Realism supports your optimism with action. It moves you to create the positive future you desire.

Our ability to maintain a combination of both positive optimism and realistic thinking can be a huge help to us all as we navigate our own journeys through life. 

This for me is one of the greatest aspects of coaching, being able to share both the positivity I have naturally, along with the realism that experience has brought me, to spur others to action. Taking action is not necessarily an inborn trait and it’s certainly a skill that can be learned, one that is essential to business.

Working with by clients to make informed, smart decisions and take action without overthinking or asking for approval is part of the process. Helping turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts to create actions and results they never thought possible.

“Anna’s style supports accountability and stability through structure and her expansive business experience means she can tap in to all levels of businesses from start-up to well established and immediately recognise room for improvements. What I like most about Anna’s coaching and mentoring is she brings the personal touch back into business, and that means getting sustainable results consistently through personal values and structure.
Love it and so excited for what’s coming next!” Sarah

“Anna’s coaching provided me valuable insight to gain greater perspective in terms of public speaking, managing relationships, prioritising, strategic thinking, influencing and confidence. Anna really empowered me to go to that next level.” Yi Zhou

“I like how Anna keeps you motivated when at times you feel like giving up, you know what your end goal is & she pushes you, ever so gently so you can reach it.” Pauline


If you want help you to reach your high achiever status, then today is the day to take action. Find yourself a coach. Don’t know where to look or what to do? Here are my recommended steps:

  • Create a list of traits you want in your perfect coach. How do you want them to treat you? Do you want a full-of-energy coach or one who is more laid back? How quickly do you want to work toward your goals? Does your chosen coach move at the same pace? Do you want someone local so you can work face to face or is a virtual coach alright?
  • Ask for recommendations from your business network or mastermind groups.
  • Do your own research and don’t just hire the first person who has an opening. It’s time to interview.
  • Just like you would hire an employee, put the same care and consideration into hiring a coach.

Most importantly you want someone who is interested in your goals, who has the time and desire to work with you, and has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. You will know in the interview, just like you know when you are employing someone, one will just fit! Once you find your perfect coach, book it and get down to work straight away, don’t loose momentum!

Kick start your positivity and optimism for the new year, add a little realism and put it all together with a coach – watch your results and confidence soar!


Are you ready to step up and reach your desired level of success and happiness faster – in life, business and in yourself. Download your personal self-checklist to identify areas you need to focus on to make it happen, then book in for a discounted kick start session with me to get you started.  Link to download here:

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